International News


Private Education: Local International Schools Punching Above Their Weight? Bangkok Post, 3 October 2016

Thammasat University Libraries Blog, September 2016, New Books: Chopin in Thailand, featuring Year 11 student pianist SunSun

International Schools at FOBISIA Conference, Switched On, Computing at School, Summer 2016

The World at their Feet, Alumni of Bangkok's International Schools, Thailand Tatler Expat Society, 2015-2016

Harrow Bangkok students meet Suphanburi FC stars, Nation Zone Travel, November 2015

Harrow Bangkok students’ mission to improve TV for disabled people, Nation Zone, November 2015

Cycling in the name of love, Bangkok Post, 19 October 2015

Harrow Radio hits the airwaves!, Nation Zone, October 2015

Prima Yontrarak Bugs Out, Bangkok Post, April 25, 2015

Junior sailors shine at Fobisia Sailing Championships, Pattaya Mail, April 10, 2015

Harrow International School comes up tops in the National Outstanding Youth Awards, The Big Chilli, January 2014

All-Round Genius Interviewed by Channel 9 TV, January 2014

Edible Info, Thai teen writes ground breaking book, Student Weekly, A Bangkok Post Publication, July 2013

Protein with Crunch, 16-year-old's book focuses on the nutrional value of Thailand's edible insects, The Nation, June 2013

Khun Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, In Person, Bangkok Post, July 2013

Financial Times Top Schools, September 2013

Harrow Student sets the ice-skating world on fire, The Big Chilli

Prep School Opening, Bangkok Post, 6 Nov 2012

New Head Master joins Harrow International, RBSC Magazine, October 2012

Mick Heads for Harrow, The Brief, Issue 5, 2012

Education Living, November 2012

Harrow Record Alumni, 2012


Thai News


Two People, 2 Souls, One Charity, Post Today, 14 January 2017

Lionheart Society Feature, Kom Chad Luek, 20 October 2016

Private Education: Local International Schools Punching Above Their Weight? Post Today, 3 October 2016

Post Today, International Schools in Bangkok, 20 September 2016

First Thai to make Grand Finals of World Championships of Performing Arts in USA, Post Today, 21 September 2015

Winner of the David Toms Foundation ShreveportJunior Gold Tournament, Naewna, August 2013

National Outstanding Youth, LIPS Magazine, July 2013

One of our students features in AIS advertisement

Prep School Opening Thairat, 29 Oct 2012

Harrow International School Leadership for a Better World, Hello Magazine, Oct 2012

New Heads Congratulation at ISAT Meeting, 3 Oct 2012


Japanese News


Top student features in The Yomiuri Shimbun, 23 May, 2015




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