The Leadership in Action programmes immerses students in extra-curricular activities structured according to six themes, in order to develop the six attributes of Leadership for a better world in practical ways;

Service       Charity      Teamwork     Creative expression      Leadership      Challenge
  • Involving students in service encourages them to transform the natural tendency of selfishness towards serving others.
  • The human trait of possessiveness and security can be offset by sharing when we involve students in charitable activity.
  • Co-operation and collaboration (teamwork) can emerge when students work together towards common objectives rather than the more natural approach of trying to impose one’s own view.
  • When students express themselves creatively, they can motivate and inspire others.
  • When students give attention to issues at hand with the needs of others as the objective, they become Servant Leaders.
  • Placing students in challenging situations, outside their comfort zone, develops the determination to see through to completion a strategy designed to create an outcome that improves the situation for others.

Our Leadership in Action programmes, both inside and outside of the classroom, allow our students opportunities to move out of their comfort zones and undertake new experiences. Whether it be building a raft and spending 24 hours on the Harrow lake, trying to earn the minimum wage by cutting sugar cane, acquiring new skills such as First Aid or Lifeguarding or conquering a 40 metre Tyrolean rope climb, pupils are increasingly able to develop and demonstrate the six leadership attributes;

  • Contributing positively to the community
  • Applying knowledge with compassion
  • Solving problems collaboratively
  • Solving problems creatively
  • Making just choices
  • Facing challenges with determination

A Harrow Bangkok education is meaningful and holistic; and for life. The current adult generation has both inherited and contributed to numerous regional and global challenges. We now require courageous and resilient problem solvers to lead us to a better world.


Last updated: 23 Sep 2014 11:13