Welcome to boarding, an environment that provides you with the opportunity to hone your life skills, work hard and, most importantly, have lots of fun with your peers. We have the perfect environment for achieving the best academic results and developing your leadership skills. Boarding is also brilliant preparation for university life.

We are always excited to welcome newcomers, and the boarding staff really do help provide the best possible life away from home.


From the Head Boy of Bradbys

I enrolled as a boarder at Harrow Bangkok 2014. The number one thing I can boast about boarding, and Bradbys House specifically, are the new facilities offered to us. We have a brand new building, The Hub, for dining in and the continual improvements make us feel like we are at home.  Each and every boarder holds a unique set of skills and interests, whether it’s academic or sports, creative or charitable, and we always help any newcomers fit into the teams we have. In Bradbys we have a ‘House Circle’, so that the residents have a voice so that we can always make improvements. The team of staff here is dedicated; they really care for the well-being of the boarders and they are also fun. I am proud and grateful to be the Head Boy of Bradbys and to follow in my brothers footsteps. It is a great place to live.


From the Head Girl of West Acre

In the three years that I have been a part of the boarding community there have been a number of changes. Most significantly, The Knoll is now West Acre; everything from the accommodation to the facilities has been immensely improved. The best part of being a boarder is the support I receive from my fellow boarders and the staff, which has helped me not only academically, but also socially and emotionally. What is particularly special is the integration between the different year groups. It was great for me to build relationships with the older girls, who cared for me, and now, as a Year 13 student, I am looking after the younger students. This is something I take great pride in. As well as the ease of travelling to school, joining West Acre has boosted my confidence and helped me become more independent. I truly believe that boarding has prepared me fully for the next chapter in my life, and it is an experience I would recommend to everyone.


From the Head Boy of The Grove

Boarding life has significantly impacted, positively, on my progress towards being a more autonomous person. Joining boarding in 2013, I have been influenced and supported by the community around me. The friendly housemates offered me a huge amount of help in both academics and daily life, shaping me into a more sociable and independent teenager. The boarding Prefects and staff have encouraged me to expand my horizons and maximise my potential, in order to build up an outstanding school career. As the Head Boy of The Grove Boarding House, I collaborate with the House Masters and Mistresses to strengthen our quality of living inside the Boarding Village regarding all aspects of academic, social and emotional life. I strongly believe that choosing to be a boarder in Harrow Bangkok is a valuable life-changing experience that ensures you can achieve your very best in life.

Last updated: 04 Nov 2016 09:53