Harrow is a family of Schools comprising Harrow School in London (The Hill), John Lyon School, Harrow International School Bangkok, the original Harrow International School, Harrow International School Beijing, Harrow International School Hong Kong and the newly opened Harrow International School Shanghai. They share the following strengths and aims:

Academic excellence: All five schools seek to achieve the best academic standards for all students, appropriate to each student’s potential. The goal is to provide all students with the best opportunities to gain access to higher education, by means of a curriculum based on the programmes of study of the National Curriculum of England including GCSEs (and IGCSEs), as well as A Levels.

The potential of all students is objectively measured and their progress carefully monitored, using teacher assessments and supported by tests such as those provided by the University of Durham’s CEM Centre. Swift and effective interventions are made if progress slows, through our academic mentoring systems. Teachers are highly qualified and experienced and are committed to holistic schooling.

A broad-based learning experience: All the schools in the Harrow Family offer extensive after-school and weekend co-curricular programmes that aim to provide wide opportunities for both participation and specialisation in a diverse range of pursuits from sport, music, drama and art, to outdoor challenges, community service and hobbies. The objective of these pursuits is to provide students with access to a wide range of opportunities that may become life long passions. We aim to;

  • expose students to the benefits of both fair play and team loyalty
  • place students on the edge of their comfort zones so that they develop resilience and loyalty to peers
  • maximise opportunities for interaction with their teachers outside the classroom

Students are also given a range of opportunities to develop leadership skills through becoming School Monitors/Prefects, having House responsibilities and being team captains.

Traditional framework: The schools aim to bring the best of Harrow traditions together with the best of current educational thinking. Students are expected to interact with teachers and peers with courtesy and respect.

Teacher-pupil relationships: The foundation of each school’s programme is the commitment, dedication and expertise of the teaching staff. There is a range of contexts in which these relationships are nurtured;

  • House activities
  • Boarding
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Community Service
  • Challenges (Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, expeditions, outdoor and adventurous activities)
  • The classroom
  • The tutor-tutee relationship

The goal is to provide support, direction and role modelling in all aspects of a student’s development.

Inter-cultural relations: Harrow School, London is renowned for its famous non-British Old Harrovians (for example, Jawaharlal Nehru and King Hussein of Jordan). Twenty-three princes of the Royal Household of Thailand have attended Harrow on the Hill since the late 19th Century. Today there is a wide range of nationalities, cultures and religious traditions represented within and across the student bodies of all five schools.

Values: Grounded in its Church of England origins, Harrow School, London has demonstrated a willingness to lead the way in building bridges with other religious traditions, such as introducing a Roman Catholic chaplaincy into the School. The other Harrow International Schools have followed the spirit of this approach; for example, in Harrow Bangkok, a Christmas Carol Service and the celebration of Loy Krathong demonstrate the open approach to building understanding between religious and cultural traditions. An over-arching theme is the golden rule, to treat others as you want to be treated yourself.

Community service: The origins of Harrow School, London have their roots in providing a service to those who have limited educational opportunities for whatever reason. Later, the founding of The John Lyon School in the Victorian Era also exemplified this commitment. Seeking opportunities to serve local and distant communities lies at the heart of Harrow School’s charter and it is contingent upon each school within the Harrow family, for each generation to be guardians of this legacy of service.

Facilities: All schools seek to provide the best quality of facilities and educational resources possible. These are needed to support the extensive curricular and co-curricular programmes.

Relationships between the five schools are continuously growing, through teacher and student exchanges, joint musical and academic events, and management liaison.

Below are the website details of all the schools in the Harrow Family:

Harrow School in London

The John Lyon School

Harrow International School Beijing

Harrow International School Hong Kong

Harrow International School Shanghai


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