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Located on a green, spacious and secure campus at Don Muang, a typical British day and boarding school education is provided for an international group of students aged from 18 months to 18 years. IGCSE and A Level courses are followed and outstanding results ensure that our students secure places in prestigious universities worldwide. Our Leadership in Action programme immerses students in extracurricular activities. From our youngest pupils to our pre-university graduates, Harrow Bangkok students are encouraged to develop resilience, to engage in community service, to display leadership and to work as part of a team. As the leading British international school in Bangkok, a Harrow Bangkok education is meaningful and holistic; and for life.

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Amy Woolaston, Speech and Language Therapist

"My mission is to advocate for students for whom the words don't come as easily, and to work directly with children and young people to help them develop their speech and language skills."

Victor, Year 8

"Through Basketball I have made friends in the whole of the school community and I have learned that we laugh louder when we laugh together".

Kevin, Year 12

"Perseverance and consistency are the two key qualities needed to achieve a high standard of results in IGCSEs".

Simon Small, Head of Languages

"The cutting-edge facilities make it a privilege for me to work here and they create an environment where students can maximise their inner potential".

Prae, Year 3

"I want to help save the world from all the rubbish in the ocean and craft them into items that are useful".

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