Campus Control measures

Control measures for ensuring a safe and healthy campus

The measures below outline the steps taken by the school to ensure the highest standards of health and safety and minimisation of risk on our campus.

The school follows strict cleaning procedures at all times to assist in the prevention of infectious diseases on campus.

High touch areas have been identified as:
  • Door handles
  • Tabletops and chairs
  • Toilets
  • Gates
  • Railings
  • Photocopier machines
  • Handrails
  • Lift buttons
  • Light switches
  • Toys
There are four levels of cleaning on campus
  • Level 1: Standard Sanitisation Cleaning
  • Level 2: Regular Disinfection
  • Level 3: Deep Disinfection (Steaming and Ultraviolet type C)
  • Level 4: Rapid Response Infection Control

All classrooms are cleaned once lessons have finished at the end of the day or before lessons start at the beginning of the day. Toilets, stair handrails, photocopier machines and lift buttons are cleaned while lessons are taking place.

Where classrooms are vacant during lesson time, and once the high touch points have been cleaned as outlined, these vacant classrooms will then be cleaned.

The four levels of cleaning are shown in the table below:

Level Description Frequency 

Level 1

Standard Sanitisation Cleaning

Classroom/office - all surface disinfection

Daily  (2 times/ day in EYC and Years 1-5)


Common area surface disinfection including outdoors Daily
Toilet surface disinfection Every hour
Classroom and common area high touch points surface disinfection (ie. handrails, door handles, photocopiers) including outdoors Daily
Classroom and common area floor disinfection Daily
Disinfection of all touched equipment or tools and toys Daily
Clean water drinking machines, hand sanitiser dispensers, outdoor equipment Daily

Level 2

Regular Disinfection (includes standard sanitisation)

Deep cleaning of carpets, exhaust fans, sofas and fabrics Weekly

Steaming all classrooms


Level 3

Deep Disinfection (case by case)

Disinfection of all affected rooms - classrooms and bathrooms Weekly
UVC Disinfection (Moonbeam) on a rolling programme - case by case Weekly
Level 4
Daily (within classroom or Year Group affected)  for one week in case of infection detected
Steaming Daily (within classroom or Year Group affected)  for one week in case of infection detected
UVC Disinfection (Moonbeam)