From the Head Master

The Harrow name is synonymous with quality, our school blends 450 years of Harrow’s high academic standards, traditions and service to the community with innovative educational methods in a vibrant Thai setting. 

Harrow Bangkok is a school rich in tradition, both here in Bangkok and as part of a family of schools dating back to 1572.  It is the largest member of the Harrow family, and it is the original branded British independent school outside the UK. 

At Harrow Bangkok we aim to offer the very best holistic education not only in Thailand, but across Southeast Asia. 

That aim is founded on four key beliefs:

  • That academic rigour and intellectual curiosity lead to success in examinations.   Examination results give access to the very best universities and employers.  Our students celebrate enthusiasm for learning in school and are lifelong learners.
  • That success in life is not determined by school grades alone.  Personal qualities and values ultimately determine whether academic potential is translated into meaningful careers.  Our Leadership in Action programme ensures Harrovians are well balanced, resilient, and innovative young men and women; with the leadership skills necessary to turn opportunities into realities. 
  • That a happy child will be a successful child.  Students who are safe and happy will achieve their potential.  Here at Harrow Bangkok, academic success and the development of the whole person are rooted in exceptional pastoral care, with lifelong friendships and contacts made.  This supports the development of emotionally intelligent young men and women, determined to make a difference in the world. 
  • That we employ the very best staff and actively support their career development.  Harrow Bangkok is set within a superb 35-acre garden campus, with world-class facilities for day students and boarders.  Facilities alone, however, are not enough; our staff are the heart of our success, modelling the values we hold dear each day for our students to emulate.  Passionate about their subjects, they place a premium upon understanding each student’s individual needs, nurturing their development.

Education at Harrow Bangkok is inspiring, culturally rich, aspirational, and life-enhancing.  We have a lot of fun along the way too.  Our graduates are quietly confident, curious, creative thinkers, who possess the skills and qualities to make a difference in the world and at the same time enjoy personal fulfilment.

I look forward to meeting you, and welcoming you in person to our great school.


Jon Standen
Head Master