Our Mission

All of our students will contribute as leaders to a better world, realise their academic potential and succeed at the university of their choice.

Many nationally and internationally influential leaders have been educated at Harrow. They have often been pragmatic, determined and independent thinkers; people for their time. Our times appear ever more challenging, so require ever more courageous and able leaders.

Leadership for a better world is defined by six leadership attributes that our students increasingly demonstrate during their time at Harrow Bangkok:

  • Making a positive contribution to the community

  • Applying knowledge with compassion

  • Solving problems collaboratively

  • Solving problems creatively

  • Making just and responsible choices

  • Facing challenges with determination

Leadership at Harrow

These values are embedded into all aspects of our school life, including the kinds of learning experiences teachers prepare for students in lessons, extracurricular (Leadership in Action) opportunities, our House System and the students’ experiences in boarding.

In providing an integrated learning experience, designed to nurture our students' six leadership attributes, whether in an explicit and obvious manner or quietly behind the scenes, we support our students' ability to influence their future world for the better. In so doing, they follow in the footsteps of great past Harrovians who, through determination, respect and adaptability, overcame challenging circumstances and gave us a better world.

A mission statement is nothing without the commitment to make its words a tangible reality. It informs, focuses and guides us to make lasting change in the lives of our students.

At Harrow Bangkok this is how our core purpose is shared, delivered and evident every day, underpinning all we do.

Developing Leadership Skills

The House System, Student Council, Prep Circle, Senior Circle, MUN, SEASAC Sport and Expeditions.

Students and parents at Harrow Bangkok are buying into a philosophy – a philosophy that has a proud and long tradition in many UK independent schools, not least at Harrow, UK. Coming to Harrow Bangkok entails embracing not just the academic life of the school, but the co-curricular one too. We are particularly proud of our ‘Leadership in Action Curriculum’ in which students are challenged to engage with some of the planet’s most intractable problems. Students leave our school compassionate, determined and supremely well-equipped to work towards bringing about a better world. 

Contributing to a better world

Play in a day, Ride for Rainbow, Eco initiatives, fundraising and the Festival of Friendship.

iGo for it

Our Leadership programmes, both inside and outside of the classroom, allow our students opportunities to move out of their comfort zones and to undertake new experiences. Whether it be rafting, jungle trekking or leading school assemblies, students are increasingly able to develop and demonstrate the leadership attributes represented through our iRules.

iTeam up

When exploring and reflecting on the culture and tradition of our school, students unanimously agreed that the now traditional culture and thus ethos of a Harrovian, here in Bangkok, is a spirit of charity and compassion, of resilience, self-reflection and personal growth.
Taken from a report on a group discussion with Sixth Form students.

Realising academic potential

Results, assessment and reports, tracking from our youngest to our oldest students, transparency, accountability and interventions.

"Future leaders require a blend of skills and experiences to ensure they are able to imagine, dream and find solutions - Our Lower School Curriculum aims to inspire and electrify and to ensure that our young people are ready to take on the world.” 
Nicholas Prockter, Head of Lower School

“In the Upper School, we begin in the Prep phase ensuring that the curriculum allows students to ‘learn how to learn’ whilst stimulating their passion for their studies. In SR5 and the 6th Form, students are rigorously prepared for their public examinations ensuring they get to their desired universities, but not at the expense of developing as individuals and we emphasise the development of character as much as the development of their intellect”.
Jonny Liddell, Head of Upper School

Succeeding at the University of their Choice

The super curriculum, excellent teaching, preparation for public examinations, Oxbridge mentoring programme and the Harrow Prize.

“Our students develop a wide range of skills and attributes,  to ensure they can successfully rise to the challenges they face at undergraduate study and beyond. Our Harrovians graduate with a strong academic foundation in their chosen A Level disciplines,  and also have the ability to balance vigorous academic study, alongside full involvement in sports, community service and leadership. They work hard, are able to make informed decisions, demonstrate resilience and form lifelong friendships”.
Karen Prout, Head of Sixth Form

"Through shared academic aspirations, pastoral support and the multitude of experiences offered by Leadership in Action, it seems Harrow Bangkok has distinct traditions which leave a mark on every student who in turn enhances the collective spirit of our school."