Our Student Leaders

Our newly appointed Head Girl, Amy and Head Boy, Poon reflect on the year ahead and the opportunities presented to them in their new roles as student leaders. 

Head Master and Senior Prefects

As the new academic year begins, I would like to express a warm welcome back and wish everyone a wonderful school year ahead of us.

In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, Harrow Bangkok has taught us the importance of a loving community as well as being resilient and flexible despite the situations surrounding us".

Harrow Bangkok Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Girl Amy and Head Boy Poon

The barriers we faced in the last sixth months have been tough, but overcoming them has rewarded us with new and stronger friendships.

I truly believe within our community we foster great leaders through the environment and new challenging experiences. Looking back at myself as a younger Harrovian, I firmly believe our Harrow Bangkok community has allowed me to experience leadership opportunities. One thing that I can firmly say is that the community has opened me up to great leadership opportunities and pushed me forwards on my path of self-improvement. I am a strong believer in the development of confidence and potential; our growth starts when we have confidence that we can strive further than where we are.

Inspired by many student leaders within our school, I hope to do the same in my role as Head Girl alongside Poon and the Prefects: encouraging active engagement, instil a proactive student body, and together, embark on a journey that strives for leadership and excellence.

My key message to all students is to 'grasp hold' of all the opportunities ahead of you. Many of my greatest memories and irreplaceable friends have been made through taking risks and experimenting with my experiences here at school.

Admittedly, it will be hard saying goodbye to all my friends and teachers, but I will enjoy every moment in Year 13 to the fullest and serve our community as best as I can. 

Poon and I are honoured to be taking on the roles of Head Boy and Head Girl. We are delighted for the 2020-21 academic year and cannot wait to see what is to come.
Amy, Head Girl


I would like to extend a warm welcome to new and returning members of the Harrow Bangkok community to what is hopefully an exceptional year. Despite the unfortunate adjustments we had in our previous academic year with the ongoing pandemic when the Harrow Bangkok community had to quickly adapt to the rapidly evolving situation, we learned to be more proactive, adaptable and better able to make the best out of every situation and make the best out of every situation. We overcame exceptional challenges, which clearly demonstrates our ability to ‘face challenges with determination’. I am certain that we can achieve remarkable goals with our fiery ambition in this upcoming academic year.

I am honoured to spend my 10th and final year collaborating with the Perfect Team and Head Girl Amy to ensure that our community stays warm and unique. Our common goal is to nurture the standards of our already outstanding community by further implementing student-led initiatives that fully consider the student body, surrounding communities and the environment. Personally, I fully appreciate all the opportunities available within the Harrow Bangkok community and how each experience has shaped my personal ideology and developed my leadership abilities, helping me to accomplish my goals and further motivates me for the future.

I strongly encourage all students to engage in many upcoming opportunities and challenges, to stretch yourself further than in previous years, and to explore your passion (academically and personally).

We hope that our plans and initiatives for the 2020-21 academic year will increase these opportunities for all students and teach valuable transferable skills that will be crucial to our future careers.

I look forward to the special memories we will make, and the relationships we will foster in our final year ahead. I plan to participate in a plethora of opportunities and cherish the quality time spent in every activity whilst striving for academic and personal excellence. I believe we need to take risks by slowly extending our capabilities and develop a growth mindset for self-improvement. My personal goals include continuing to improve myself as I embark on new challenges ahead in my role this year.

Amy and I are excited to be a part of this upcoming year, we wish everyone the best of luck in achieving all your goals and we look forward to an amazing year!
Poon, Head Boy

Harrow Bangkok Head Boy_Head Girl_Deputy Head Boy_Deputy Head Girl

From left to right: Deputy Head Boy Thep, Deputy Head Girl Grace, Head Girl Amy, Head Boy Poon