Our Student Leaders

Our newly appointed Head Girl, Rena and Head Boy, Andy reflect on the year ahead and the opportunities presented to them in their new roles as student leaders. 

Harrow Bangkok Head students Andy and Rena

It has certainly been quite a year for the Harrow Bangkok community. The experience of distance-learning and the wave of uncertainty that Covid-19 has brought has undoubtedly posed a significant challenge. However, I believe it is clear to see that our resilience, undying community spirit, and dedication remains strong during this time.

I am honoured to be taking on the position of Head Girl this year, leading our student leadership team alongside Andy.

We are committed to working collaboratively to foster a supportive community environment in order to ensure that students feel like they can achieve anything they set their mind to; in order to ensure that students can fulfill their potential."

In conjunction with this aim, the student leadership truly believes in representing students’ voices and ensuring that student-run initiatives are encouraged. We hope that due to the team’s work and with the warmth of the Harrow community, students will continue to challenge themselves and grow in their academic and personal journeys, as well as develop bonds across all year groups.

I would also like to personally encourage students during this time to remember that the current situation that we are in is not forever - whilst this may be hard to grasp, I am certain that better days lie ahead. For now, I believe that through continued communal understanding and respect, we will be able to continue to forge a path ahead into the future. For as Alain de Botton said, ‘A good half of the art of living is resilience.’ Ever since I came to Harrow in Year 8, it is something that I have always noticed we do well. 

Lastly, you only experience school once in your life. As part of the graduating class of Harrow 2022 this year, it is my firm belief that students should try to sit back and enjoy their journey as they progress through the years from time to time. 

I would like to extend my welcome to all members of the Harrow community. I very much look forward to seeing what we will do, together, this year.
Rena, Head Girl

Our experiences with the pandemic this past year has proven that the most difficult challenges can be overcome when we communicate with others and spread positivity within our community. 

My personal goal as part of the student leadership team this year is to help create an open environment where students feel comfortable in sharing their academic and emotional challenges, especially during these uncertain and unpredictable times.

Although it is important to spread positivity within the student body, it is also vital to recognise the challenges and issues which we will inevitably face in this coming year. I hope that, in seeing both the positive and negative aspects of reality, our community will continue to creatively and collaboratively solve problems with integrity and reason."

I hope that our students continue to stay true to ourselves, recognise our limits, and yet do the best we can to develop ourselves individually, and give back to the community which has galvanised us to be who we are today. 

Rena, the Prefect team, and I, are honoured to be serving the Harrow community this year, and we hope that the influence of our work can extend throughout the school, to reach as many students as possible. We hope that our environment will allow students to take their initiatives to action, to experiment with their ideas in teams, without the competition which may sometimes arise with such opportunities. 

In light of the plethora of experiences and opportunities, I would like to remind students that we are also responsible for our health and wellbeing. As students, it is our responsibility to take on the opportunities that we truly want to pursue, rather than ones which we feel are expected of or pressured onto us. 

On this note, I would like to welcome students, parents, and teachers to this new academic year at Harrow Bangkok, and wish everyone an exciting year ahead. 
Andy, Head Boy