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Harrow Bangkok is the original Harrow International School in Asia, founded in 1998. The school is thriving, with its own reputation for educational excellence as one of the leading schools in Thailand and South East Asia. The Harrow name is synonymous with quality. Our school blends 450 years of Harrow School’s high academic standards, traditions, and service to the community with innovative education in a vibrant Thai setting. We educate around 1600 students on a beautiful 35 acre green campus in north Bangkok. The school is all through with students from Early Years “Little Lions” to Year 13. Our latest results at 69% A*-A at A level and 65% A*-A at IGCSE are a testament to our outstanding provision. We benefit from close links with Harrow School along with the other schools in the Harrow Foundation family. Education at Harrow Bangkok is at the cutting edge, with our commitment to the High Performance Learning philosophy and world class education. 


At Harrow International School Bangkok, as at Harrow School London, our Values help us to make decisions from day-to-day that mean we behave and perform better, inspiring us to try harder as individuals, so that collectively we thrive.

Courage encourages us to innovate and take risks, inspiring change for the better. It means challenging adversity and complacency, making the most of opportunities, putting fear of failure to one side and staying the course, even when it is difficult.

Honour is about doing the right thing, having the highest standards and leading by example. It involves taking responsibility and, ultimately, is what makes us worthy of the trust of others.

Humility asks us to recognise that one's self is a work in progress and that struggling with one's weaknesses is essential to growth. Humility increases our awareness that talent and achievement alone, however impressive, are not sufficient to succeed as a human being – and that none of us is at the centre of the universe.

Fellowship means building binding, constructive relationships that help us all to make a positive contribution. This is resonant with our belief that the strongest relationships of all are based on faith, hope and love.


The campus benefits from fantastic facilities (all available to staff after hours), which, alongside classrooms include floodlit tennis courts, a lake for watersports, a swimming pool, gym, together with extensive grass pitches. Our holistic educational philosophy provides extensive super curricular opportunities for enrichment through the diverse Leadership in Action programme, prioritising leadership development along with skills and personal qualities which help to translate academic potential into meaningful fulfilling lives after students graduate. 

A sense of community

Hardworking courteous students with a real zest for life and supportive parents make teaching at Harrow Bangkok rewarding and enjoyable. Whether you join us as a single person, couple or family, our staff form a friendly close-knit community. With staff activities ranging from crocheting through ultimate frisbee and photography to diving, you will find your Harrow pack. 

The package

The remuneration package is highly competitive, with low taxation, a bonus in lieu of pension, comprehensive medical insurance, free accommodation provided, and a low cost of living, meaning our staff have a high standard of living, and can also enjoy holidays in Thailand and the region, while saving money. The average length of tenure at six years is testimony to the fact that our staff enjoy their teaching and the experience of living in this wonderful country. While you are expected to work hard, you can still enjoy a work-life balance which is hard to achieve elsewhere.

Onboarding experience

Our HR team will assist you from the moment you apply for your role, working hard to ensure that your move is as seamless as possible. Whether you need help with shipping, visa or general advice, they will be there to answer all your questions, assisting you every step of the way. From the moment you make contact with the onboarding team, you feel like you are already a part of the Harrow family. 

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