School Values

Educational excellence ensures Bangkok Harrovians flourish at school and beyond, enabling them to lead purposeful and meaningful lives, able to influence their chosen profession and the world around them. 

Harrow Bangkok is absolutely committed to being a truly world-class school, rooted in the Harrow values of Courage, Honour, Humility and Fellowship, and the clear school of choice in the whole South-East Asian region.



Educational excellence throughout every classroom and beyond, means that Bangkok Harrovians have the strongest foundations to lead purposeful and meaningful lives, positively influencing their chosen profession and the world around them.

The educational experience at Harrow Bangkok is holistic and comprehensive. We make the promise to our students and parents that students will enjoy world-leading scholarship that is safe, fun and purposeful. Students’ leadership and personal qualities are developed and strengthened through our High Performance Learning approach which is fully embedded throughout the school together with world-class pastoral care and innumerable
extra-curricular and super-curricular opportunities.

Our commitment rests in world-class staff, world-class facilities, a complete and consistent adherence to the highest possible standards and a fundamental belief in the incredible potential of all the young people in our care. High Performance Learning is combined with our Leadership and Service curriculum which itself rests on the Harrow Leadership Values - making a positive contribution to the community; applying knowledge with compassion; solving problems collaboratively; solving problems creatively; making just and responsible choices and facing challenges with determination.

Academic excellence facilitates our young Harrovians pursuing futures at the world’s finest universities and employers but it is their strength of character, their creativity, determination and their moral grounding that are the truest hallmarks of their qualities and the real heart of their future success. They are taught and nurtured to carry forward their Harrow heritage with both pride and humility, to empower and serve their communities as leaders of the finest calibre, and to understand their privilege and responsibility as lifelong members of the international family of Harrovians.

Dr. Michael J. Reddish
Principal Deputy Head