Work at Harrow Bangkok

Academic Vacancies

Successful applicants are offered two year renewable contracts with highly competitive terms of employment and outstanding working conditions. We welcome applications from the UK state and independent sector as well as from those working internationally. Opportunities to work with our boarders may be available.

  • upper school english teacher

  • graduate leader (boarding)

post descriptionS and online application

Explore Harrow Bangkok with our Applicant Information Pack.

For all Harrow schools, the safeguarding of our students is at the core of all that we do. Before we can consider an appointment we must be in receipt of:

  • Acceptable police checks (or equivalent) from the country of origin and from all other countries in which the applicant has worked
  • Appropriate references from current and previous employer, corroborated by personal phone calls made to each referee

Administrative Vacancies


Please complete the Local Staff Application Form below and submit it along with your CV and an introductory letter directly to the contact specified in the vacancy advertisement.

Local Staff Application Form

All enquiries should be directed to Harrow Bangkok at