We are proud to offer a British education starting from the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum to IGCSEs and beyond at A Level and we invite you to explore each stage of your child's learning journey as they progress through the school.

A school is defined by its students. At our school in Bangkok, what does it mean to call yourself a Harrovian? Our students are confident without arrogance, highly knowledgeable and by the time they leave, they clearly display our six leadership attributes:

  • Contributing positively to the community

  • Applying knowledge with compassion

  • Solving problems collaboratively

  • Solving problems creatively

  • Making just choices

  • Facing challenges with determination

The learning environment at Harrow Bangkok promotes excellence in every way. Using our world-class facilities, our teachers apply the latest technology to support learning where necessary. Students are pushed to do their very best and supported when needed. Our pastoral system ensures that student well-being and academic excellence are given an equal priority.

We hope you will not only visit our website but you will also make an appointment to visit us here in Bangkok. We very much look forward to speaking to you about the potential that Harrow Bangkok can discover, develop and nurture in your son or daughter.

Straw boater hats of Harrow Bangkok