Examination Results 2018

Harrow Bangkok has enjoyed some record-breaking examination results over the last five years; increasing A Level outcomes by twelve percent, IGCSE outcomes by fourteen percent, and independent value-added measures place us in the top five percent of international schools.

Our school prides itself on the breadth and depth of its curriculum, the excellence of its teaching staff and its clear focus on equipping our students with the skills to become leaders for a better world. At Harrow Bangkok we recognise that strong outcomes in public examinations may be a passport to higher education and future employment however, alone they are insufficient to prepare students to thrive in adult life. We enable students to develop attributes such as compassion, collaboration, creativity, resilience and the ability to make fair and just choices, to assure them future success and happiness.

Harrow Bangkok students have achieved an outstanding set of IGCSE and GCSE results.

64% of all grades received were A* or A

  • 766 of the total IGCSE results were graded A* or A
  • 87 students achieved 5 or more A*-A grades in their IGCSE subjects

Harrow Bangkok’s students have achieved the strongest set of A Level results in the history of the School, to the delight of the whole Harrow Community

61% of all the A Levels sat achieved A* or A grades

  • One in three students were awarded A* or A grades in all of their subjects
  • 41% achieved 3 or more A* or A grades

Seven students gained A* grades in all of their subjects. Of these one has secured a place at Oxford University, two at the University of Pennsylvania and another at The London School of Economics.

A total of fifteen students have secured places at Imperial College London, University College London and The London School of Economics.