High Performance Learning

High Performance Learning at Harrow Bangkok

Harrow Bangkok's HPL Philosophy

At Harrow Bangkok, we believe that all students can be higher achievers regardless of their academic starting points, through engaging in world class lessons, delivered by world class teachers who systematically and consciously use current pedagogy and HPL strategies."

In 2019, Harrow Bangkok adopted the ‘High Performance Learning’ (HPL) philosophy, joining a community of world-class schools at the forefront of educational thinking and teaching and learning.

What is HPL 

The HPL philosophy is that all students can be high performers, and we teach with this expectation at the forefront of our minds.  We believe that all students can achieve, with practice and perseverance, and students are regularly reminded of this message.
Using the HPL framework, which is based on the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, we systematically build the skills and behaviours that are proven to lead a young person to thrive in school and beyond.

The 21st century skills in demand by employers, identified by the World Economic Forum, are central to the HPL philosophy."

High Performance Learning:

  1. Encourages students to aim high and believe in the growth of the brain and their ability
  2. Develops intellectual curiosity and confidence to form, shape and express ideas
  3. Develops a love of learning and intrigue through enquiry-based approaches
  4. Provides students with opportunities to solve problems creatively by adapting and improvising aspects of their learning 
  5. Instils a desire to embrace challenge and to challenge others  
  6. Encourages risk-taking and knowledge that mistakes lead to learning
  7. Encourages self-regulation and reflection to recognise strengths and build on areas of development
  8. Develops active listeners, who can give and receive critical feedback
  9. Teaches students how to critically evaluate sources and draw conclusions
  10. Encourages students to be happy, resilient and confident

HPL in Practice

 ‘High Performance Learning’ provides a framework of thinking skills (Advanced Cognitive Performance Characteristics, or ACPs) and learning behaviours (Values, Attitudes and Attitudes, or VAAs) associated with success, both in school and life.

Global Citizens

The Seven Pillars of HPL

Learning Behaviours in the Upper School

Your children are at the centre of our High Performance approach to education at Harrow Bangkok. By building better brains and focusing on how great learners think and behave, we deliver "Educational excellence for life and leadership"

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