Pre Prep

A happy thriving school where curiosity instils learning

On a tour of Pre Prep you will discover a happy, thriving school alive with learning. Students are given an excellent grounding in core skills interwoven into an exciting, thematic curriculum. Learning is at the centre of all that we do. Students in the Pre Prep phase are aged between 5 and 10 years.

Our Curriculum

‘the purpose of curriculum is to build up the content of long-term memory so that when students are asked to think, they are able to think in more powerful ways’

Willam, 2018

The Lower School Curriculum at Harrow Bangkok is purposefully crafted and designed to meet the needs of our students at every stage of their academic life;  help develop global citizens; and ensure students lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle including looking after their mental wellbeing.
In Early Years, we follow the Little Lions Curriculum (LLC). The curriculum content consists of two distinct elements: Disciplines (learning behaviours underpinned, linked to and strengthened by High Performance Learning) and Domains (bodies of knowledge and skills). The LLC is fully mapped to and aligned to standards in England’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Our Pre-Prep curriculum is built on the English Curriculum and is enhanced further by building on the Domains introduced in Early Years:

The five domains are:

  1. Me
    Developing students’ sense of oneself; the wider community; and thinking about leadership qualities as well as equipping students to be resilient and reflective learners
  2. Cultural Identity
    Becoming aware of what makes our cultural special as well as learning about other cultures from around the world
  3. Understand the World
    Reflect on the past and consider the impact on us now; know where we are in the world and how it is different from other places; be curious about natural phenomena and ask questions to discover more.
  4. Sustainability
    Creating responsible citizens of the world by equipping students with the knowledge and skills to take an active role in a twenty first century society.
  5. The Arts
    Inspiring and challenging students to invent, design and create work that celebrates our culture, community, and the world around us.  

This is an ambitious curriculum tailored to our context. Children are naturally inquisitive, and we build on this by posing powerful inquiry questions that challenge our children to think in new and exciting ways. It is a curriculum designed to equip students for future success. Additionally, developing cultural literacy and ensuring children have an appreciation of current affairs, and a critical approach to the media ensures our students are prepared to participate and lead a healthy democracy. 

Children who have studied a strong curriculum will be better equipped to gain excellent qualifications and pursue careers that demand such qualifications.’ 

Ashbee, 2021

The High Performance Learning (HPL) philosophy is that all students can be high achievers, regardless of their starting points, and this underpins all areas of the curriculum at Harrow Bangkok. It is supported by research from the fields of education, neuroscience and psychology that proves that the brain is malleable, and can become stronger, faster, and more effective. It takes this research and provides a set of tools that teachers can build into their practice to convert theory into practical action.

The HPL framework in the LS is made up of our Thinking Skills (how we think), and our iRules (how we behave). These are underpinned by the development of a Growth Mindset. Teachers use HPL to explicitly teach strategies such as metacognition, which is proven by the EEF to enhance progress by up to seven months. 

Our iRules underpin the learning behaviours we expect to see in school, and these will develop learners that are resilient, collaborative and understand the importance of hard work and respect for others. 

Harrow Values

Educational Excellence permeates through everything we do in teaching and learning. This is rooted in the Harrow values of Honour, Courage, Humility and Fellowship and by engaging with these values we also develop the children’s understanding of democracy, the rule of law, respect and tolerance and individual liberty.  Weekly assemblies are themed and build on the Harrow Values so students develop an appreciation of what these look like in practice. Our wellbeing and PSHE lessons also promote gratitude and empathy, and children are mindful of how they practice these around school.


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A kid is wearing a Chinese traditional dress on the day of Harrovian Chinese new year celebrations    Pre prep students at harrow Bangkok walking the way with medals.    A kid holding krathong on the day of Loi Krathong festival celebrations