lower school Resources and Support

Pullman Library

An exciting and awe-inspiring place of learning for our students.

In the Pre Prep phase, we believe that the development of literacy skills and the acquisition of knowledge are paramount to progress in education. To those ends, the library has built an extensive collection of books, learning resources and audio/visual materials. The library currently has over 30 educational databases, such as Encyclopaedia Britannica, ERIC and National Geographic installed in our state-of-the-art Integrated Library Management System. A wealth of reliable information is available at our students’ fingertips 24/7 anywhere in the world, just by logging into our library system. Our Teacher-librarian constantly strives to make the library a welcoming place where our students will develop a love of literature and she is always on hand giving advice, reading stories or developing the next library competition for our children. Parents are encouraged to congregate in our library, before or after school with their children. We actively encourage you to use our services and share with us your passion for lifelong learning.


We have a large Inclusion Team made up of Language Support Teachers, Learning Support Teachers, Therapists and Lead Teaching Assistants. These staff have all been trained to provide support for those students still learning the English Language and/or students who may need help accessing the curriculum for a variety of reasons. Support available includes language, reading and phonics, Maths, Movement and speech and language therapy.


A kid is reading Roald Dahl book at Harrow Bangkok library

Teacher is listening to the student's reading at Harrow Bangkok pre-prep

Girls reading a book at harrow pre-prep