Online Learning - A Parent's Guide



How is online learning different?

  • There can be more reading and writing and less speaking and listening 
  • Students can miss their friends
  • Keeping a structure to the day is important
  • Change can cause both anxiety and excitement 
  • Use of the technology will need troubleshooting


Online learning in the Junior School

What skills does your child need?

Here is a useful checklist of questions to help your child with online learning:

  1. Good Time Management: can your child be online at the right time?
  2. Effective Communication: can your child ask for help, make contact with other students and the teacher  and describe any problems she/he has with learning materials?
  3. Independent Study Habit: can your child maintain the self-discipline to stick to a schedule?
  4. Self-Motivation: can your child maintain focus on the work set?
  5. Adaptability: can your child accept the temporary change and adapt their approach?

If you see that your child is having problems with any of the points above and you want support you can contact Tutors, Heads of House and subject teachers for help.


How you can help your child with online learning




  • Establish expectations

  • Where possible follow the normal timetable

  • Wake up at normal time and get in a daily routine


Parent Guide to supporting online learning

how can you monitor?

The best method is to discuss the work your child is doing using some of these conversation openers:

OK Better
What are you doing?

How would you explain the steps you have taken?

How would you explain what you are working on so I can understand?
Does it make sense? What was the most confusing part about what you learnt today in….
Why are you stressed?

What has caused you to be stressed?”

How can you respond when you are facing difficulty?
What don’t you understand? What questions have the lessons  just created for you?
When will you be finished? What is the next step?
Well done!

You did really well just now, what is the next step?

How to help your child keep a balance?

  • Wake up at the normal time
  • Eat breakfast
  • Undertake physical activity to remain active and maintain a positive mood.
  • Try to alternate screen time with off-screen activities to maintain strong mental and physical well-being
  • Keep in touch with your friends as online learning can feel isolating. 


How about keeping a balance as working parents?

We realise some of you are balancing your work commitments with children being at home. We don’t expect you to be doing all of these things all of time. We are all doing what we can in a challenging time and appreciate all the support you give.