Saturday School

Saturday School is a morning English enrichment programme at Harrow Bangkok with a focus on the language elements necessary for academic success within and beyond school.

With small class sizes, ten weeks of intensive teaching and a strong teacher focus on individual learner needs, our programme provides each student with 30 hours of extra English teaching, practice and exposure, culminating in Cambridge English Qualifications examinations. We have customised programmes for both younger and older students. 

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Young Learners Curriculum

English learning is more effective when students are engaged in a practical learning environment. In order to maximise students’ engagement and enjoyment of English we have introduced three new subject areas alongside the regular Cambridge English classes.

These classes will be:

  • Phonics through Music
  • Literacy through Art
  • Academic English through Science

English will remain the primary focus of these lessons. However, these new subject areas will provide an exciting new context to develop students’ English and ensure they are fully stimulated for the time they attend Saturday School.

Students study 50% of the morning studying towards the Cambridge Young Learner exams. The other 50% of the morning students learn English with the fun subjects above.


PET and FCE Curriculum

English learning is more effective when students are engaged in a practical learning environment. In order to maximise students’ engagement and enjoyment of English we have introduced Academic English through Science alongside the regular PET and FCE Cambridge English classes.

Students will have lessons in a ratio of 2 English lessons to 1 Science lesson. Science lessons will still include literacy tasks suitable for PET and FCE levels including reading comprehension, writing tasks, grammar work and vocabulary activities. However, this will be taught within the framework of Science with some practical experiment work included. We believe this balance will best develop students’ general English and proficiency required for the PET and FCE exams.

Course dates

Term 1 2019-2020 Term 2 2019-20  Term 3 2019-2020
07-09-2019 11-01-2020 25-04-2020
14-09-2019 18-01-2020 02-05-2020
21-09-2019 25-01-2020 09-05-2020
05-10-2019 01-02-2020 16-05-2020
26-10-2019 08-02-2020 30-05-2020
02-11-2019 29-02-2020 06-06-2020
09-11-2019 07-03-2020 13-06-2020
16-11-2019 14-03-2020 20-06-2020
30-11-2019 21-03-2020  

course fees

School fees for 2018-19 are THB 1,900 per Saturday. In Term 3 there will be additional fees for examinations. 


Attendance & Punctuality 

We ask all children to attend as many classes as possible. Since there are only 27 Saturdays over the course of an entire school year, missing any class impacts significantly on your child’s learning. Please notify us when you know ahead of time that your child will be absent.

We also ask that students arrive on time to every class. Students should arrive no later than
8:55am so that they can meet their teacher and go to their classroom promptly at 9:00am. It
is disruptive for students to arrive in class after the teacher has started a lesson. Harrow
understands that Bangkok has traffic problems, but it is better to arrive early to school rather
than late. Please make every effort to arrive before 9:00am.

Code of Conduct

We ask that all students are attentive and polite in class and follow all reasonable requests
by their teachers. Disruptive behaviour in class will not be tolerated especially if it interferes
with the learning process or creates an unsafe atmosphere.

Bullying anyone, whether verbal or physical, will not be tolerated, and any student may be
dismissed from Harrow Saturday School if they are found to be bullying someone.

Students are expected to do and give their best at all times, this includes but is not limited

● Participating in lessons
● Following instructions
● Completing homework
● Working well with classmates
● Not running inside of buildings or on cement walkways
● Not entering classrooms unless a teacher is present
● Placing their dirty plates, silverware, and cups used during snack time into proper receptacles

The use of Electronic Devices for Games

We are asking all children in Saturday School NOT to play games on their tablets, phones, or computers while at Harrow Saturday School. This applies to children while they are in the classroom and during break time.

The reasons for this decision are as follows:
● Students should be socially interacting and using the language they are learning. They are less likely to do this while engaged in a computer game.
● Harrow International School has a similar policy for Harrow students, and Saturday School is obliged to prepare students for the same experience should they become Saturday School students.

We would appreciate your support in reinforcing this message to your child by insisting that
they leave their electronic devices at home or with you until Saturday School has concluded.
If a teacher has requested your child to bring a device for class, this will be OK; however,
games are still not permitted.

Harrow School Uniform

All students must wear the Harrow Bangkok Saturday School uniform. This can be purchased from the school shop which is located above the Kopse Kafe. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to apply to attend Saturday School, please contact Ms Bee Theangtae, Saturday School Administrative Coordinator, at or our Head of Saturday School, Mr Jon Corry at