Upper School

There is something wonderful about the power of education, in shaping the future for the communities our students serve. Our aim is to uncover the unique voice within each child through the experiences we provide here in the Upper School at Harrow Bangkok.

Welcome to the Upper School at Harrow Bangkok. I hope that by exploring our website you will get a feel for our focus on academic excellence underpinned by a diversity of co-curricular activities and emphasis on unprecedented pastoral care. 

The Upper School consists of three phases, Prep (Years 6-8), Shell Remove and Fifth Form (Years 9-11) and The Sixth Form (Years 12-13).

In the Prep phase, our dynamic and culturally relevant curriculum is designed to develop the essential and transferable learning skills articulated in the Harrow learning journey. Building on the exceptional foundations laid in the Lower School, our students will strengthen the High Performance Learning thinking and performing skills required to become autonomous and effective learners.

It is in these years our students explore and redefine their interests, as they are exposed to a breadth of educational experiences delivered through multiple disciplines.

In Shell (Year 9), students undertake study across all areas of the curriculum, cementing the necessary foundations for the IGCSE examination years in Remove (Year 10) and Fifth Form (Year 11). High Performance Learning skills are continually developed, with ample opportunities for students to collaborate, overcome challenges and self-reflect whilst maintaining balance with co-curricular interests that extend far beyond the academics.  

It is in these years our students develop passion and specialist knowledge in key subjects of interest, paving the way for students to excel in A- Level study and beyond. 

At Harrow Bangkok, the standard set is remarkably high. Those students who achieve the minimum grade requirements and show the right attitude and aptitude for further study are offered the opportunity to progress into our Sixth Form to study AS Levels in Lower Sixth (Year 12) and A Levels in Upper Sixth (Year 13). Whilst studying academically challenging subjects, all students are required to go above and beyond, participating in a carefully crafted super-curriculum and the Harrow Prize so as to develop the empathy, resilience and perspective afforded by acting in the service of others. 

Harrow Bangkok is more than a school; we are part of an extensive global community that shares rich history and inspirational alumni. I invite you to make an appointment to visit the campus and explore the exceptional holistic education the Upper School has to offer your child.

Paul Johnson
Head of Upper School


Paul Johnson Head of Upper School