Upper School

A school with an academic focus underpinned by a diverse breadth of extracurricular activities in a unique community. 

Welcome to the leading Secondary School in Bangkok! I hope that by exploring our website, you will get a feel for our focus on academic excellence underpinned by a diverse breadth of extracurricular activities that take place in this unique community.

The Upper School consists of three phases, Prep (Years 6-8), Shell Remove and Fifth Form (Years 9-11) and The Sixth Form (Years 12-13).

In the Prep phase, our dynamic and culturally relevant curriculum is designed to develop the essential and transferable learning skills articulated in the Harrow learning journey. In the Prep phase an emphasis on building the high performance learning thinking and performing skills required to become effective learners is central to what we do.

In Shell, Remove and Fifth Form (SR5), students lay the foundations for the examination years in Shell (Year 9) before studying for challenging IGCSE courses in Remove (Year 10) and Fifth Form (Year 11). Our students are provided with opportunities to practice and refine their high performance learning skills throughout the phase whilst on a pathway to academic success.  

Students who achieve at least the minimum grade requirement and show the right attitude and aptitude for further study are offered the opportunity to progress into our Sixth Form to study AS and A Levels in Lower Sixth (Year 12) and Upper Sixth (Year 13).

I hope you will not only visit our website but you will also make an appointment to visit us here in Bangkok. I very much look forward to speaking to you about the potential that Harrow Bangkok can discover, develop and nurture in your son or daughter. 

Kathryn Gavin
Acting Head of Upper School