Heads of Faculty

Kathryn Gavin
kathryn gavin
Director of Studies

A Harrow Bangkok curriculum is highly transferable and is recognised globally. The Upper School comprises of three phases; Preparatory; Shell, Remove and Fifth and Sixth Form. The Preparatory curriculum is based on the national curriculum for England and provides a stimulating learning environment where students develop and refine essential and transferrable skills as well as specialist subject knowledge. In Shell, Remove and Fifth Form, students begin preparation for their IGCSEs.  Students continue to build an all-round profile through enrichment programmes including the International Duke of Edinburgh Award and Model United Nations. The Sixth Form offers a comprehensive choice of A Level subjects and students can study the more in-depth Extended Project Qualification. Our Careers Team provide support towards applications for top worldwide universities.  Specialist teams of staff also support Oxbridge preparation, English proficiency preparation for IELTS testing, as well as providing a strong focus on Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) support and examinations. Additionally, the Harrow Prize is available for Year 13 students excelling in academics and Leadership in Action.



creative and performing arts

The Creative and Performing Arts Centre is situated at the heart of the Harrow Bangkok campus and houses state-of-the-art facilities that bring together multiple programmes branching across Art, Music, Drama and Design and Technology and Media Studies. Each programme guides our students to be creative, independent, imaginative and reflective and encourages them to produce ambitious, exciting and skilfully crafted work. Students also understand that there are numerous solutions to a problem and that exploring their options is part of the creative process. Furthermore, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own work, from conception to completion, and learn to take control of the direction their work and performances take. As such, their aims are very often personal.

Our goal is to teach Harrow Bangkok students to be creative leaders within an international framework, whilst providing them with a secure foundation from which to advance in their ongoing educational journey.


Head of English

Mastery of English is key to student success in all areas of the curriculum at Harrow Bangkok. The English Faculty curriculum focuses on developing the key skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, and also on ensuring students have a rich experience of the English language, fostered through engaging with media texts, high-quality literature and spoken activities. Through their study of English, students develop the language skills needed to be successful across all subjects taught in English and work towards qualifications that prove their proficiency in English for university entrance. Students also develop transferable skills of analysis, evaluation and creativity. They take part in a diverse range of activities such as crafting a persuasive speech, producing a television news report or performing a poem.

We aim that all students will leave Harrow Bangkok equipped with the English qualifications they need for their future success and a lifelong love of the English language.


Bryony Owen

bryony owen
head of humanities

The Humanities cultivate a habit of mind that creates leaders who can engage with history and imagine a better future. The Humanities Faculty at Harrow Bangkok delivers an engaging curriculum that includes the subjects of History, Geography, Religious Studies, Development Studies and Travel and Tourism.

Integral to the study of these subjects is a shared interest in developing critical thinking skills and intellectual curiosity to enable our students to learn and reach their own judgements through exploration, research and academic dialogue. We aim to cultivate an ambitious and inquisitive attitude in both students and staff, empowering individuals to revel in challenges and aspire for continual growth.

We encourage our students to challenge assumptions, to ask questions and to generate their own insights as independent and able lifelong learners, capable of articulating their ideas both verbally and through succinct and sustained writing. Our priority is for our students to enjoy the study of the world around them, with all that this encompasses, and to engage readily with both the past and the present. 


Simon Small Head of Languages
Simon Small
Head of languages

Languages are at the heart of Harrow Bangkok. We place great importance on developing our students' home languages as well as broadening their horizons with other foreign languages. Our Thai Department offers a highly differentiated course for all Thai Nationals as well as a meaningful and useful learning experience in Thai Foreign Language lessons. The Mandarin Department caters for a wide range of abilities in preparation for the foreign language, second language and first language IGCSE. Our exchanges programs and trips to Beijing and Shanghai are extremely popular amongst our students learning Mandarin. Japanese is also a very popular foreign language choice for our students. We value equally the needs of our Japanese community and offer First Language Japanese lessons in our timetable. For many of our students, French is an obvious choice with increasing number of students enjoying both the language and cultural aspects of courses. Make sure to also check the various language-related extracurricular activities every season.


Mark Edes

mark edes
head of mathematics and computing

Mathematics and Computer Science form the foundation of many STEAM projects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) and it is universally accepted that they play very important roles in modern education. Mathematics provides an essential foundation for learning and is required as a prerequisite for many university courses, whilst Computer Science knowledge is used to provide solutions in a variety of business, scientific and social contexts in an increasingly technological world.

Through Mathematics and Computer Science, students develop a range of skills such as problem-solving and thinking creatively, analytically, logically and critically. The aim of the Faculty is to make both subjects accessible, enjoyable and stimulating, and to raise the attainment levels of all students. The school has a large number of high achieving mathematicians and computer scientists, and the external examination results are outstanding.


Daniel Stonier

dan stonier
head of science

Science is the largest of all the Faculties at Harrow Bangkok and the four subject areas of Prep Science, Biology,  Chemistry and Physics complement each other very well because they are all practical subjects. In the curricula for these subjects, from Prep to SR5 to Sixth Form, our children are given myriad opportunities to develop their thinking skills and performing skills through problem-solving, thinking critically, planning, evaluating and leadership, to mention a few. First and foremost, the high-quality teaching and learning in Science is the key to the academic success and excellent progress made by students who choose one or more of the subjects on offer. All Prep phase students have lessons in General Science and then in Y9, as they enter SR5 phase our students have a chance to do separate Sciences with a subject specialist for each. In year 10 many opt to continue with all three subjects and as a minimum, everyone studies one science. Students find Science exciting and fascinating for numerous reasons, from the lessons providing opportunities to learn kinaesthetically, through practical work, to being stimulated to think in the abstract and apply mathematics skills to everyday scenarios.


James Beere

James beere
head of social sciences

The Social Sciences Faculty aims to provide a stimulating, caring and supportive learning environment in which students can achieve to their full academic potential and develop a knowledge and awareness of the world in which they live.Students are able to study a diverse range of subjects from Economics and Business Studies at IGCSE and A Level and Accounting, Psychology and Media Studies at A Level only.

Our dedicated team of teachers also offer students a range of extracurricular activities within the Faculty which help to develop student leadership and other important skills. These include Junior Achievement enterprise programmes, the LionView Productions media activity, the Dragons’ Den business competition, the Pigou (Economics) society, a stock market simulation and the Imm Rice social enterprise project to support rice farmers in rural Thailand. Students also have opportunities to attend talks by high-profile speakers, go on educational visits and improve their research and writing skills by entering academic essay competitions.

We look forward to welcoming students to the Social Sciences Faculty!


Sam Lewis Director of Sport

Sam lewis
director of sport

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport delivers a high-quality and supportive active curriculum that aims to inspire all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities both within the normal school day and during extracurricular provision.

The belief embedded within the faculty provides opportunities for students to become physically confident and competent in ways that support healthy active lifestyles and general fitness, whilst mastering sequences of movement, embedding fair play and respect.

Game principles, tactical awareness and understanding of performance all form part of applying greater understanding for the subject from Prep to SR5. Students can study from GCSE to A Level with additional opportunities and qualifications in Sports Leaders Award