In Prep, our mission is to ensure that all students thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Welcome to the Prep Phase: the strong foundations upon which students' Upper School experiences are built.

In Prep, our mission is to ensure that all students thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Supported by world-class staff, Prep Harrovians feel happy and safe. Consequently, they are excited to explore the world around them, acquire a range of new skills and knowledge, and progress through school and beyond as lifelong learners and leaders.

The Curriculum

Academically rigorous, our curriculum is broad and offers students the chance to explore a range of fascinating subjects and the connections between them. Underpinned by our High Performance Learning philosophy, students are supported to reflect on the thinking and performing skills at their disposal. All Prep Harrovians can achieve highly and the HPL framework allows students to value mistake-making, risk-taking, deliberate practice and self-reflection as powerful tools to help them achieve their goals. Additionally, Prep prides itself on our strong reading culture where we read for pleasure and academic progress. The academic curriculum is further enhanced with Challenge Days and other enriching extra-curricular activities which extend the opportunity for enquiry based learning, whilst developing collaborative skills. 

Holistic Education

We promise Prep students and their families a holistic education that builds personal and leadership qualities. Leadership in Action is a driving force for this. Throughout Prep and the Upper School, students participate in a huge number of leadership, charity and service opportunities that not only benefit their own development, but allow them to make a positive contribution to our local and global communities. Our exciting extra-curricular offer - activities, expeditions, House Camps to name but a few - enables students to push the boundaries of what they thought was possible. 

Harrow Values in the Prep Phase

All Harrovians carry four key values in our hearts. In Prep, students are honourable and do the right thing; they are courageous and take risks with their learning; they are humble and seek ways to develop themselves as holistic learners; and importantly, the bonds of fellowship that develop in Prep are lifelong. 

On behalf of all the dedicated Prep staff, I look forward to welcoming all Harrovians to the Prep Phase and to the beginning of their Upper School journey.

Emma Rickard
Head of Prep Phase

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