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The Chiu Library

With a print collection of over 16,500 volumes and a range of online resources, the Library supports all students in years 6-13.

The renovated and extended Chiu Library opened its doors to the Harrow Bangkok community in 2017. Located at the heart of the Campus the Library has become integral to learning in the Upper School. 

Year 6 classes complete scavenger hunts and games introducing them to the Library. Many students have come from the Lower School and are familiar with our Destiny library catalogue, available to search on the Library’s iPads.

Prep Phase students have weekly Library classes, led by their English teacher and supported by the US Librarian. Students follow a scheme of work exploring writing and genre and complete a Group Reading programme enabling them to explore a novel in depth.

SR5 students continue to use the Library in English classes and Challenge Days. Year 9 students may become Library Monitors contributing to the library’s day-to-day running. Students’ volunteering can contribute to completion of their International Award.

In the Sixth Form all subjects benefit from the extension reading lists and super-curriculum support. The US Librarian actively supports the Extended Project Qualification and students gain access to Questia School.

Year 12 students volunteer as monitors, developing leadership skills through supporting and supervising younger students. The US Librarian works with Year 12 students running an outreach service in the Rayleigh Centre.

The Young Curators’ Club manages the Artefact collection and the Librarian offers the ‘Books in the Bubble’, reading group through the Activities programme. The US Librarian co-ordinates events including competitions, author visits and the annual Great Prep Reading Quiz.

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Inclusion Team

Harrow Bangkok aims to inclusively provide for students with a range of abilities.

We aim to inclusively provide for students with a range of abilities. We have Learning Support teachers and Teaching Assistants to work collaboratively with Subject teachers, enabling greater access and attainment when barriers to learning may arise. The majority of support occurs on an in-class basis, with small group and one to one interventions being offered when and where need arises.

It is important that school staff and parents work together collaboratively to ensure the best outcomes for students. We encourage regular communication between school, home and any external support providers, in order to best meet the needs of the students and to discuss areas of progress. This will be of particularly important at transition points throughout the Upper School.

When deemed necessary, a specialist assessment may be recommended by an outside consultant, for example, by an Educational Psychologist or Occupational Therapist. Options for these types of assessment will be indicated by the Learning Support Department, especially when Examination Access Arrangements may be required.

Students at Harrow Bangkok who are identified as being Gifted and Talented, are offered extended support throughout the Upper School from subject teachers. Opportunities may exist to take part in local, regional or international competitions, fairs and exhibitions.

If it is felt that we are not the school which can best provide for a particular student, we will support and help parents in identifying a school that can better support the needs of the child.