Student Testimonials

Read what our past and present students have to say about their experiences at Harrow Bangkok. 

Richy Srirachanikorn

"Harrow Bangkok to me, is more than just a school; it’s a platform that celebrates individuals and groups in every sense of their accomplishments. Fortunately, I have been a part of this celebration. Once a young boy with low self-esteem who would struggle to find his voice, the Music Department has taken me into various and diverse ensembles, allowing me to learn and aspire from accomplished students, being valued and rekindling my inner passion of music, and eventually finding my voice in the community. Opportunity has been the biggest present Harrow has given me, and one that I will forever cherish and be thankful for. Music has since been a part of who I am, and potentially the career path I aim to pursue in Music Therapy. With supporting teachers in a nurturing environment, I have met great people, to whom I am proud to call my greatest friends, through the musical and media-based platforms available for me throughout the years. At Harrow Bangkok, there is always something for everyone, and that is the main reason to why I love coming to school; every day is full of surprises and opportunities that truly makes you happy."

enid wu

"Compared to most of the students in my year, my time at Harrow was much shorter. However, it has given me some of the most precious memories and meaningful life lessons.  Harrow is like a mine, if you're dedicated to what you love and are willing to work diligently, you will definitely find your gold."

Prodpran Sukcharoen

"I could never put into words how grateful I am for having Harrow as my second home. The warm environment here and the friendly staff has made my 11 years as a Harrow Lion unforgettable. My last accomplishments in Harrow that I will definitely look back to are my 9 US university acceptances alongside 4 scholarships and 2 honour program invitations, with my last best being selected as a representative for Thailand in Boston University’s Board of International Student Ambassadors. 

Now, as I am about to graduate from Harrow to embark on my new chapter at Boston University, I wish Harrow Bangkok nothing but the best and hope to come visit often as an alumna from the class of 2018."

PAX Jitjaruek

"Being part of this wonderful community since the very beginning of my school life is one of the best decisions my family and I have made. Harrow is filled with teachers who are well committed and is willing to go far and beyond any expectations of being a teacher - to ensure that students reach their fullest potential. The sheer amount of opportunities that are surprisingly within a student’s grasp is also what makes this school very unique. Harrow pushes students academically but at the same time encourages us to explore the world beyond books which gives us students experience no one could ever gain from being in a class."

POON Peetathawatchai

"Having been here for 15 years (since K1), Harrow has really shaped the person I am today: as quoted by Harrow’s previous motto, 'the best that I can be'. Looking back, I see my life at Harrow as a perfect balance: a balance between the academic and the extra-curricular; a balance between developing discipline and having the freedom to take initiative. I won’t deny that I used to question the purpose of Harrow’s high and strict uniform standards, traditional assemblies, and grueling (yet fun) expeditions, for my relative’s school had none of these. But looking back, they all had something positive to add to my character and I am glad to have been through all of them.

Harrow also understands that each student has their own unique road to university and caters to that: the bright and passionate are encouraged to extend themselves and pursue their own respective passions, while those who struggle to keep up are given extra support.

Unlike stereotypical high schools where it all appears to be a “student vs teacher” thing, with students fighting through to get the grades and letters of recommendation they need for university,  at Harrow, the teacher coins our classes, we are a team: teachers treats us as young adults, genuinely root for our success, and support us wherever they can, as we work together to reach our individual potential."


"Studying at Harrow Bangkok has been an amazing journey for me, to say the least. One of the most striking realisations I've had is how well the staff encourage leadership. Harrow has changed my mindset for the better, has taught me the significance of kindness and ethics, has fostered my dedication towards the betterment of the world in which we live.

Aside from my academic achievements, I've learned to value the companionship of my friends. But by far the most valuable trait I've inherited is patience, and a tendency to embrace challenges, knowing that one day hard work will pay off."

Eye Termtanasak

"It feels almost unreal that my time at Harrow is now coming to an end. Being a student at Harrow for 14 years has made it extremely difficult to say goodbye. Harrow has always been my second home where I have shared countless memories with various people who have taught me important things along the way. During this journey of perfect blend of joy and hardships, I have been able to learn and improve myself to becoming a better individual as I am today. Not only was I taught general concepts, but I learnt valuable knowledge about this diverse world, and people, that shaped my personality and the aims of my life. Although I am ready to start my new beginning at the University of Arts London and forge new communities of my own, I will always be thankful to be a part of this amazing family."