Upper School and juniors 

Full lunches are available daily in our dining centres. The Dining Centre located on the main campus is buffet style, offering both Thai and international foods.

A vegetarian buffet is also available. Menus are rotated on a six-weekly basis for variety. Snacks are offered during mid-morning break and after school before activities begin. These are either given out in classroom areas or in the canteen as is age-appropriate.

weekly menus


We offer a  structured meal plan for our pupils from Year 1 to Year 2

Our structured mean plan consists of three, pre-prepared nutritious meal choices per day, including fruit and salad per child.  Students can, of course, return for more of any meal of their choice!  

Weekly A B C Menus

early years centre

The Early Years Centre has a separate Dining Centre and children choose their lunch option when they arrive at school each morning. These meals are closely supervised. Snacks are also offered mid-morning and after school.

Weekly menus


An international dining experience is on offer for boarders in The Hub where students can enjoy a buffet breakfast before school and a relaxing dinner in the evenings.

The Hub Dining at Harrow bangkok

The Hub breakfast buffet at Harrow Bangkok Boarding

Buffet Dinner at Harrow Bangkok Boarding