Top Three Reasons to Attend an Open Day

As a parent, you may ask yourself why you should make time for an Open Day instead of a regular school tour. Aren’t they the same? Here are the top 3 reasons why we think it's a great idea to attend one!

1. Experience Teaching and Learning in action

Schools offer different options for Open Day schedules. Some schools hold Open Days on weekends or after school hours, with presentations on school life and opportunities to tour facilities, similar to a regular school tour. Open Days during regular school hours however, provide families with a firsthand look at the school's learning culture. You will be able to go into the classroom, observe teacher-student interactions and get a “behind the scenes” look into school life.

TIP when you visit a school observe carefully the student engagement. Do the children look happy, busy and interested in their learning? They should. Look out for a warm, positive teacher-student relationship which is crucial for a child’s learning. 

2. Meet Teachers, Students and Parents

At an Open Day, you'll have a valuable chance to have in-depth conversations with teachers, students  and parents. Learn firsthand about the school’s culture, community, curriculum and ask parents, students or staff any questions you might have. Speaking to them  will help you learn about what the school is really like on a day-to-day basis so ask away. 

It's rare to have such an opportunity to connect with members of the school community during a typical school tour. 

TIP Ask about the teacher’s qualifications and how school is investing in training and supporting their staff. The best schools offer continuous professional development and training.

3. Exclusive offers

Many schools provide families with exciting discounts or fee waivers when they attend the Open Day and complete the application paperwork on the same day. This can result in significant financial savings, which everyone loves. So, attending an Open Day can also be a great way to save some money.

TIP Check what is included in the school fees, are meals included, is EAL support included if needed, how about after school activities and learning supplies? 

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