Traffic and Circulation

Harrow Bangkok aims to minimise congestion as far as is practicable both within and outside its campus.  The School has dedicated parking for parents and staff and three clearly marked drop-off zones for the convenience of parents. 

The School promotes the use of the efficient drop-off system for all students from Years 4 and above. Students may also take advantage of the bus service which is available on a  door-to-door basis or shuttle from key points around the city.  Harrow Bangkok asks for the support of parents, staff and drivers in alleviating traffic by following the guidelines below:

  • Drivers collecting students park in our West car park and wait until called by parents/students prior to making their way to the pick-up zones
  • Pick up and drop off is limited to 15 seconds only
  • Drivers are to make use of all available spaces within the pick-up zones and follow the directions of security guards
  • Pedestrians must make use of pavements and pedestrian crossings only and not cross in between traffic
  • Parents/drivers collecting students in the Upper School, please aim to collect your children after 2.50pm
  • No double parking is allowed within the campus
  • Parents are requested not to park in the local roads outside School as this leads to further local congestion