Make Every Minute Count at Harrow Bangkok Boarding

Time. Most would agree that time is our most precious resource, and yet we surrender hours to the city’s roads and seemingly endless traffic. The average commuting time within Bangkok is in excess of an hour a day, and for some families, much longer. 

An increasing number of families are finding their solution in boarding school. Boarding provides the perfect opportunity for those looking to give their children the invaluable gift of time during the week. Boarders benefit from not having to travel, they can use their precious time to study, to socialise and to discover a wider range of interests and hobbies. 

Blending 450 years of Harrow’s high academic standards, traditions and service, students have been boarding at Harrow International School Bangkok for almost 20 years. Offering a true British boarding experience in Thailand for boys and girls, and with weekly or full boarding now an option for children aged 9 and up (Year 5 and above), read below as to why more and more families are choosing this option.


7 Top Benefits of Boarding

1. A Home Away from Home
Having worked at some of the top boarding schools in the UK, Harrow House Masters and Mistresses know that the best boarding villages feel like a home from home. They care deeply about their students, making it a priority to foster community and connection; carefully crafting experiences to create special memories, lifelong friendships and a network for life! 

2. It Takes A Village…
Across the boarding village the staff to student ratio is one to six with a genuine focus on student wellbeing. Each of our boarding houses has a Housemistress/Housemaster, a Deputy, two Assistants and Graduate leaders to mentor our boarders. Together with our full time nurses our boarders are well cared for around the clock .  

Boarding House Masters/Mistresses and their deputies are part of the Academic team who closely monitor your child’s potential for development and success.  

Our wonderful House Parents are fully UK qualified teachers but they don’t teach, their focus is the boarder’s wellbeing around the clock. They help with the boarder’s day to day organisation and routines such as getting students up in the morning, making sure they have all the equipment they need, help managing their timetable and checking in with them after a full day at school.  

Our Graduate Leaders are young adults who recently graduated from UK universities. They build close and meaningful connections with our boarders, helping to nurture their confidence and independence. 


3. An oasis in the city 
Our green garden campus in the north of the city acts as the perfect compliment to Bangkok’s urban cityscape. Harrow’s  35 acres provide ample space to train and play, while our lake offers students unique opportunities for a variety of water sports and outdoor activities! 

4. Extended experiences maximising time to enjoy all that is on offer! 
Our boarders’ free time is filled with activities to boost physical and mental wellbeing as well as lots of fun! Staying active, while discovering new hobbies, passions and going on trips with friends: the word “boring” doesn’t belong in boarding. Boarders also benefit from having our world class campus at their disposal after school hours and on weekends. Excellent sports, music and arts facilities enable students to explore fledgling interests as well as those activities they are already passionate about. 


5. Extra Academic Support in a learning conducive environment
Having access to Additional Academic Support tailored to your child’s needs and professional guidance on your child’s overall development is part of the boarding routine. Boarders benefit from individual homework support and additional tutoring sessions from Harrow Bangkok’s exceptional teachers after school. This makes it easier to focus on achieving their best results and develops their self discipline in preparation for university life and beyond. On Saturday they can opt for additional English classes. Studying feels different when doing so surrounded by your friends! Growing and learning together stimulates peer learning and is hugely motivating. 

6. Developing Independence 
There is no better way to prepare students for life after school than by giving them the opportunity to become more independent from a younger age.  Gradually, with the help of our boarding staff, our boarders learn to become more independent: from managing their timetable, keeping their rooms tidy and organising their laundry, boarders learn to be responsible, organised and use initiative. Our boarders are adaptive, resilient and are prepared with the skills needed to thrive at university and beyond.  They leave as the best version of themselves and we couldn’t be more proud of them!

7. Healthy Routines and Device-Free days!
Devices can play a significant role in a child’s wellbeing. In Boarding we have fixed times, purposes and a technology policy in place to use and advocate for technology and screens in a balanced way.  Boarders have no-device days every week allowing them to focus on their academics whilst improving their interpersonal skills. The dining area is a central part of our boarding village where borders share their meals together. There is a carefully planned menu, ensuring a balanced and healthy nutrition for our growing young people.

Make every minute count

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