It is an enormous privilege to develop the minds and characters of young people and I am absolutely delighted to be the fourth House Master of Bradbys House.

My wife, Wi, and I are very much enjoying Village life and are busy setting out our vision for the forthcoming years.

Having been a boarder for eleven years and worked as a dormitory master at St. John’s Beaumont, I know our community is unique - children spend time purposefully, mixing up activities, play and academic work. It is incredibly rewarding to see these skills and talents being honed before dawn (accomplished pianists and swimmers) into the late evening (social football superstars!). Our boys get the opportunity to make the most of their time at school in a way that simply isn’t possible for long-commute day children.

With wonderful facilities, a ready-made social life and endless opportunities, boarding in Bradbys is very much a transformative experience. Boys here develop a strong set of values that are crucial to their contribution to the world. These values - resilience, respect, independence and camaraderie are very much in evidence to anyone who cares to visit - and we hope you do.

Joining me in Bradbys this year is an experienced team of house staff, all of whom contribute significantly to the effectiveness of the house. Mr. Rhys continues in his role as Houseparent, Mr. Downey joins us as a Chinese-speaking Assistant House Master, whilst Trexi Utreta, Mr Harris and Mr Rendcomb, provide us with academic support and fun and games each evening.


James Valdez-Scott House Master of Bradbys

House Master Bradbys