The Grove

I am delighted to be House Master of the Grove at Harrow Bangkok, having been educated in boarding schools (Beeston Hall, Gresham’s and Norwich School), and worked in a boarding school, Malvern College, myself. I have also spent an exhilarating 11 years in the British Army.

At Malvern College, I was Deputy Housemaster, the Leadership Coordinator, Co-Founder of the Expedition Society and Head of the Combined Cadet Force as well as coach for hockey, Duke of Edinburgh awards, canoeing and excursion leader.  I look forward to continuing these adventures with the pupils of Harrow Bangkok.

I still remember as a new pupil that I wondered what my House Master would be like. He, in addition to my friends, other staff and my parents, went on the encourage me, give me confidence and equip me with the necessary skills to pursue the path in life which I believe was best for me.

My experience of boarding school was fundamental in shaping my journey and setting the conditions to ensure that every young person has the opportunity to fulfil their potential or, as the psychologist Abraham Maslow described it as, ‘self-actualise’. This is my fundamental focus.  In short, I am passionate about people fulfilling their potential and this passion forms the bedrock to the ethos of ‘strength’ in which I run the Boarding House. 


Head of The Grove