The Grove

It is a great honour to become Housemaster of The Grove. A house name steeped in over 200 years of tradition, and one that truly encapsulates The Harrow Values. And I hope to embed these same values in all of the young men who call The Grove home.

Working as boarding House Master allows one the opportunity to support parents in steering their sons on the correct path, arming them with the moral compass, skills and confidence to become approachable, pleasant young men who will take on prominent roles in their future communities. This starts with pastoral care, creating a supportive, safe, fair and familiar home environment where students feel at ease. They can socialise with friends, indulge in their interests and hobbies, alongside their consolidation of learning from the day at hand.  

My professional development began at Cardiff university where I studied International Business Management and thereafter attained my teaching qualification with e-Qualitas. My teaching career has been forged at Epsom College (UK). I spent 6 years in a highly successful department paired with my work as deputy house master in Granville house. My love of boarding was fostered in Granville and provided me the inspiration and drive to seek out a Boarding Housemaster post. I have always sought to lead by example, and this was true at Epsom in the multiple facets of College life, be it coaching the 2nd XV, developing young entrepreneurs in YE, or assisting in DofE. And I am truly motivated to take all I have learnt into this new and exciting post.  

I look forward to encouraging the boys in The Grove to step out of their comfort zone whether it be performing in inter-house competition such as choral comp, a drama production, representing Harrow in sport or joining one of the many co-curricular clubs on offer here. Alongside this I will take personal pleasure in witnessing the students meeting their challenges head-on, celebrating their wins, learning from their losses and most importantly growing upon reflection. This will be nothing short of a privilege.  

School is the foundation that leads to success, and I am most looking forward to seeing how all of our current students, who call The Grove their home, take tangible strides forward to be the best versions of themselves. And that at the end of their time here at Harrow Bangkok they can be sure of the skills acquired, the friendships made, and opportunities taken. 

Fabian Pearce, House Master of the Grove