The Grove

Teaching is the best job in the world. You have the privileged position of supporting, guiding and driving young people to be the very best they can be in terms of their academic progress and their character development.

Working as a boarding House Master provides the opportunity to extend pastoral provision through a supportive, safe, fair and familiar home environment where students feel at ease. They can socialise with friends, indulge in their hobbies and interests and consolidate the learning from their school day.

My fifteen years of experience in the teaching profession has been varied and thoroughly enjoyable; I have worked as an advanced skills teacher, head of mathematics at several schools and as an assistant headteacher responsible for pastoral provision. My last teaching post working in boarding at Clifton College, a very well established independent school in the UK, inspired me to fully commit to a leadership post in this area. I am thrilled to be the House Master of The Grove here at Harrow Bangkok!

I am relishing the chance to work with adaptable, hardworking and committed students during a crucial period in their lives. Witnessing students meet their challenges head-on, celebrate their wins, learn from their losses and most importantly grow as a result will be nothing short of a privilege. I am very excited to see how our current students who call The Grove their home take tangible strides forward to be the best versions of themselves during their time in the house. The most important part of my House Master role will be making sure our boarders aim their sights high to be the very best they can be through a supportive, fair and homely environment.

Richard Walter- House Master The Grove

House Master The Grove