The Boarding Village

We are very proud of our boarding complex at Harrow Bangkok, which opened in January 2016, and incorporates two new, modern and spacious boarding houses to complement our existing two houses which we are currently redeveloping.

The junior boys' house, Bradbys, is located close to the playing fields, tennis courts and swimming pool. It is also next to our main ‘Hub’ building which caters for all of our meals and large social gatherings. Overlooking the green expanse of our playing fields is West Acre, our new girls’ House, and behind this is The Grove, the new senior boys’ house.


Each house has bedroom accommodation across four floors in addition to designated and well-resourced communal studying and socialising areas. Bedrooms range from spacious 4 or 5 shared bedrooms for the lower year groups, to paired occupancy rooms and single occupancy, en suite facilities for our senior boarders. The houses also accommodate our staff. Each house has a residential House Master/Mistress, a Deputy, and additional boarding staff including our nurses. All bedroom areas and floors above the ground floor are strictly gender defined and are for residents only.


We have a policy of integration and although our boarders are resident in one building, we encourage the full use of the range of communal areas we have during the week. We have a number of social areas each with resources to encourage less time on devices and more time interacting with others. In our common rooms, we have pool tables, table tennis tables, table football, board games, two projection rooms and a ‘cinema’ television with full internet connectivity.

The ground-floor common rooms have modern kitchen facilities where cooking and baking is encouraged. Whether chatting with friends over a cup of tea whilst playing a game or reading the paper, our homely, high-quality furnishings and kitchen facilities are an ideal space for relaxing. Our Sixth Form students also have their own common room area with a kitchen, as well as socialising and study areas.

Study and tutoring sessions

We run supervised study sessions in addition to a full range of focused academic support, from English and Maths support for our younger boarders up to all A Level subjects for our senior students. We utilise our fully qualified academic teaching staff from the Harrow Bangkok community.

Our study areas have Apple Mac computers and a variety of work environment options to suit our boarders’ studying needs, be it either a formal desk setting, or a more relaxed workstation overlooking the playing fields. Wi-fi runs throughout the houses until 10:30pm. Our creative areas have a full range of art supplies and spacious work surfaces where academic, creative and social projects can take place.

Music practice takes place in one of our practice rooms and we are developing a new area in the ‘Bridge’ room located in ‘The Hub’. We currently have two pianos, a drum kit and electric guitars. Boarders are encouraged to take up a musical pursuit and we aim to facilitate all interests. Bluetooth speakers are also provided for ‘jamming’ sessions and in study areas where it is conducive to learning.


Being blessed with sunny weather all year round, we encourage our boarders to take full advantage of the facilities on our 35-acre campus. In addition to the playing fields and tennis courts, we have a sports hall which is open every evening, a fitness suite which is accessible to our senior boarders (after completing an induction), swimming pool and mountain bikes for exploring the campus. We also have a large range of options for golfers in the local area including an indoor golf centre located two minutes’ walk outside the campus and three driving ranges within a 10 minute drive.


The boarders run a shop on two days of the week and at weekends where snacks, stationery and other useful items such as toothpaste can be purchased. You can also buy small toys and games which make ideal gifts for friends. Very competitive prices and a welcoming smile greets those who wish to visit the shop for a chat in the afternoon.


Our laundry facilities are managed by our own dedicated cleaning staff. Boarders can hand in laundry on three days during the week and this will be washed, ironed and returned the following afternoon. Boarders are encouraged to use the machines themselves after passing an induction.


We have medical staff on duty 24 hours a day and a medical centre located in ‘The Hub’ with single-sex wards and isolation rooms. Boarders can collect medicine during the breakfast period and throughout the afternoon and evening. In addition to physical health care, we also have school counsellors available for sessions during the school day to ensure the mental wellbeing of our boarders.


If you would like a consultation about boarding for your son or daughter or would like further clarification on the options available, please contact Anneleen Erlingen, our Director of External Relations: or our Admissions Team: Current parents shoudl contact Khun Kai, Boarding Administration:, for daily boarding administrative matters.