West Acre

Prior to arriving at Harrow International School Bangkok, I worked at an international school in Penang, Malaysia. There, I was a Head of House and also Deputy Housemistress of the girls’ boarding house. I also spent many summers working at a girls’ scout camp in the USA where I was the Assistant Director.

West Acre is a happy and thriving House. The girls are very inclusive and, with so many nationalities living here, they learn lots about other cultures. Currently, we have girls from the UK, South Korea, Myanmar, Bhutan, China, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand. They range in age from 9-18 years old which allows for the older ones to act as sisters to the younger ones and to also be role models for them.

West Acre girls are very busy with a wide variety of activities both during the week and at weekends. During the week they can often be found baking, playing board games, doing exercise, playing the guitar, gardening and much, much more. At the weekend we always offer a trip which allows the girls some time away from the house. The trips on offer vary each week but include going to shopping malls, places of cultural interest, go-karting and to tourist attractions such as Dream World, Koh Kret and the Grand Palace.

I am a keen sportswoman and I encourage the girls to enjoy a balanced lifestyle not only in terms of exercise and diet but allowing themselves time to do what they enjoy outside of their studies, be it music, reading or simply socialising with friends. It is through such activities that they learn to embrace the world around them and develop into charismatic young women who are aware of the opportunities available to them, have the confidence to take on challenges and discover how to lead a contented life.


Head of West Acre