Exam Centre

Harrow Bangkok operates as an open examinations centre, supporting both Harrow Bangkok students and private candidates. We provide a wide range of examinations to match the IGCSE and A Level curriculum programme offered at the school and open three examination windows for all candidates in October-November, January and May-June.  As well as IGCSE and A Level examinations, we provide additional opportunities for students including the Cambridge English suite of examinations from Starters to First for Harrow Bangkok students and Saturday School only. We also host and conduct the US college admissions standardised test, the SAT, which students must register for online using College Board. Harrow Bangkok students can also follow their individual pathways choices including accessing admissions testing for Oxford and Cambridge universities as well as other entrance examinations.  For more information about our examinations centre please contact examinations@harrowschool.ac.th or call 02-5037222 extension 1150 .

Examination Registration for External Candidates
Rules and Regulations

Examination Timetables and related information for each exam series

Watch VDO guidance explaining how to look at the timetable


October/November exam series


January exam series

  • JANUARY 2020 Examination Timetable Draft 2 (EXCEL) (PDF)


May/June exam series