Exam Centre

Harrow Bangkok operates as an OPEN EXAMINATION CENTRE, SUPPORTING BOTH HARROW BANGKOK STUDENTS AND PRIVATE CANDIDATES. We provide a wide range of examinations to match the IGCSE and A Level curriculum programme offered at the school and open 3 examination windows for all candidates in October-November, January and May-June. We also host and conduct the US college admissions standardised test, the SAT and ACT, which students must register exam directly with the College Board. 

Please note that in the circumstances where the Examination Board requires our centre to submit Centre-Assessed Grades(CAGS) rather than take the formal examinations, we will not be able to provide CAGS for external students(private candidates). In this case, we will refund fees to the external students(private candidates).

For enquiries please contact examinations@harrowschool.ac.th or call 02-5037222 extension 1150.

Students taking a test at Harrow Bangkok Exam centre