Activities Programme

Harrow Bangkok offers a wide and diverse range of activities which generally take place between 2:50 and 3:50 every day. Pupils from Year 1 upwards are expected to participate in a minimum of two activity sessions per week (boarders need to do four). Activities are geared toward the acquisition of motor skills for younger pupils with sporting and thinking activities both inside and outside of the classroom and we continue this development as pupils participate in sports teams and other activities in the Upper School. There are well over 100 different activities per season for pupils to choose from which include activities such as Lego, Orchestra, Choir, Model United Nations, Basketball, Football, Swimming, Duke of Edinburgh, Archery, Chess, Scrabble, Horse riding, Dance - to name but a few. Activities vary according to the season and an up-to-date list is published in the weeks before pupils sign up online for the season.

ACTIVITY season dates

Season 1 9th September - 1 November 2019
Season 2 18th November 2019 - 31st January 2020
Season 3 24th February - 3rd April 2020
Season 4 4th May - 19th June 2020



YEAR Details
Reception Not required to do any activities but can choose a maximum of 3 activities per week
Years 1 - 2 Must choose a minimum of 1 activity per week but no maximum
Years 3 - 5 Must choose a minimum of 2 activities per week but no maximum
Years 6 – 13 Must choose a minimum of 2 activities per week
Years 11 - 13 Activities in Seasons 3 and 4 are optional due to external examinations
Years 5 - 11 Must choose a minimum of 4 activities per week
Years 12 - 13 Must choose a minimum of 2 activities per week


Please note that activity lists may vary according to the activity season. 

Lower School Activity List

3D Sketching  Junior Cello 
Abacus  Junior Choir 
Amazing Strings Junior Orchestra
Art Attack: Around the World Lego
Ballet Little Gym
Basketball Mandarin for Beginners
Bricks for Kids Mandarin for Chinese speakers
Ceramics  Percussion Ensemble
Cheerleading Sewing
Chess Coaching Singalong Club
Clay Works Street Dance
Claynimator Swimming
Climbing Tae Kwon Do
Code Studio Tee-ball
Computer Club Tennis
Creative Kids Thai Dance
Flute and Clarinet Club  Thai Ensemble
Football Thai Fusion 
Glee Thai Reading Club 
Go (board game) Ukulele Club
Golf We are Artists Club
Google Geeks We are Scientists Club
Google Giggle  We love Reading Club
Gymnastics Wow! Japan Club
Jewellery Making Yoga
Jumping Clay Zumba
Junior Brass Club  

Upper School Activity List

Archery H-Studio PS Support
Badminton ICT Club RAWR Student Magazine
Basketball Illustration Workshop Reading Record for the Blind Schools
Brass Group Jam Factory Robotics, Programming and Electronics Club
Bright Sparks Maths Japanese Club Rock Band
Crest Award Jazz Band  Rugby 
Ceramics Junior Achievement Company Program Running Club
Chamber Ensemble Kayaking Sailing
Charity Club K-pop and Hip-hop Dance Scrabble
Chess Ladies of Harrow Shakespeare as it Should Be
Children's Home Community Service Languages For a Better World Softball
Chinese Life, the Universe, Everything Speech and Debate
Chinese for IGCSE 2nd Language Making New Science Videos Sport Climbing
Choir Mandarin Steel Band
Clay Works  Maths Sushi Club
Clay Works (in Chinese) Medics Tabletop Gaming
Computer Aided Design and Making Club Mindstorms Tee-ball
Cooking Club MUN Tennis
Dance Music Thai
Design & Technology- Textiles Decorations Music Technology for Radio, Film    and TV Thai Dance
Drama Production Natural Sciences The Young Curators Club
Duke of Edinburgh International Award Orchestra  Touch Rugby
Engineering Society Organic Garden Volleyball
Fine Art Oxbridge Preparation Year 12 Social Enterprise Scheme
Fitness  Painting Swimming
Football Pan Spirit Steel Band  
FP3 for Oxbridge Maths Percussion Ensemble  
Gentlemen of Harrow Photography and Darkroom    Workshop  
Goalkeeping Clinic Photography Club  
Golf Portfolio: exploration and experimentation with materials  
Gymnastics Prep for IGCSE Design Technology  
Helping Hands Club Production Company  
Homework Club Programming Club