Creative and Performing Arts

The Arts play a large part in the personal development and enrichment of our students. They are also deeply embedded in our culture and ethos. We believe that the Arts should touch the lives of as many students as possible. We are committed to a philosophy which promotes excellence whilst enabling all students to experience the joy of the Arts. 



Art and Design at Harrow Bangkok is an exciting and wide-ranging subject, and we offer vital opportunities for our artists to extend their talents beyond the timetable and the curriculum.

Our vibrant and diverse range of after-school activities support the needs and interests of all our artists. We currently offer Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Textiles and Photography, as well as regular support for IGCSE and A Level artists. We ask all our artists to take the lead in the studios, with the Art Department doors open every day after school until 5pm for independent study.

We invite regional and international artists and artisans to offer workshops to enrich our after-school activities, and we bring our artists together for talks on careers and pathways in the creative industries.

As a member of SEASAC, we also are proud to take our artists and musicians to creative and performing arts events in Asia.



Design Technology is a creative and critical thinking subject which leads to a multitude of career pathways. We believe that extracurricular activities propel, enhance and inspire our students to be lead learners in a wide variety of the key skills, processes and techniques needed to be a resourceful, resilient and independent learner in the subject.

The extracurricular activities we run as a department allow students to experience more in-depth technical skills and knowledge in the form of designing and manufacturing products for use.  The skills taught link extremely well with STEM subjects as well as giving students lifelong experience and understanding.



Drama is an artform, a practical activity and an intellectual discipline.  Like other arts, it involves imagination and feelings and helps students make sense of the world. 

Our Drama enrichment programme is available to all pupils and aims to enrich the Drama provision through a range of extracurricular programmes.  These include whole school productions, prop and costume making, watching and analysing filmed productions, juggling, makeup, stand-up comedy and different theatre genres and styles



The field of music is a huge part of the entertainment industry and employs many different types of performers, technicians and support staff. While popular singers and band members have some of the most visible music careers, there are many ways to work behind the scenes. All of these jobs are necessary in order for music to be made and reach its intended audience.
In support of this, we celebrate the breadth, depth and quality of our extracurricular Music activity provision which operates throughout lunchtimes and after-school activity times up to 5.30pm most days of the week. These activities offer access to ‘music for all and special platforms for the gifted and talented’.
Over 40 Music activities operate throughout each phase of the school, covering all aspects of choral and instrumental music making from the Senior symphony orchestra, Prep and Primary orchestras, their respective choirs, a wide range of chamber groups (quartets, duets, string ensembles, etc.), a significant number of rock and pop bands, as well as smaller jazz ensembles and a Senior jazz band. Additionally, more recent offerings have seen the introduction of steel pan bands, Thai music fusion groups as well as a plentiful supply of music technology based activities for composers, arrangers and budding studio engineers.
Students are also able to receive individual one-to-one specialist music lessons on an instrument of their choice, as well as voice lessons, delivered by a team of outstanding visiting professional musicians. All orchestral instruments are offered as well as keyboard, singing, percussion, electric/bass guitar and classical guitar. A significant number of students take individual music lessons every week as part of a personal enrichment programme and many decide to enter for formal ABRSM graded practical examinations in November and June.


"Then will our youth dwell in a land of health, amid fair sights and sounds, and receive the good in everything; and beauty... shall flow into the eye and the ear, like a health-giving breeze... draw the soul from the earliest years into likeness and sympathy with the beauty of reason.

There can be no nobler training than that."