An entrepreneurial skillset can give control back to young people. It’s the only knowledge that will never go out of date, never be antiquated by new technologies, and will always be in demand by employers, and the world.’ 7billionideas

Entrepreneur mindset

Entrepreneurship at Harrow Bangkok is a whole school initiative. It isn’t specifically about coaching students towards becoming an entrepreneur – defined as someone who creates a business – although statistically many students likely will. The wider goal is to instil an entrepreneurship mindset and outlook of curiosity, creativity and innovation for all students as predictions indicate that every single Harrow Bangkok student will be either an entrepreneur or an ‘intrapreneur’ at some stage in their career.

Harrow Bangkok have chosen to make entrepreneurship part of the curriculum because:

The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2030 the number one the skill that employers will demand is creativity, the ability to produce or use original and unusual ideas. Children's creativity skills can be developed through various subjects whilst entrepreneurship will develop this crucial skill, focussed specifically on the future workplace, alongside other entrepreneurial skills of curiosity and innovation.

Be Curious
Be curious

Be Creative
Children play creatively

Be Innovative
Pupils at harrow being innovative

Surveys show that as many as 77% of teenagers want to be their own boss at some stage in their career. Worldwide, 15% of economies are made up of entrepreneurs and the current generation are increasingly choosing to work for start-ups, smaller organisations with values more aligned with their own or they want to start their own business. Having an entrepreneurial mindset and toolkit will clearly benefit this growing population.

Businesses need intrapreneurs to survive, to push them forward, to bring new and exciting ideas, to help them evolve and adapt. Intrapreneurs are people with the mindset and outlook of an entrepreneur but who work within a company or organisation. Almost all Harrow Bangkok graduates will be intrapreneurs at some point.

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