Think Big, Dream Big!

Harrow Bangkok has announced the appointment of the School’s first ever Director of Entrepreneurship.

Mr David Harkin, CEO of innovation company 7billionideas, will work alongside the Harrow Bangkok team to create a series of bespoke programmes and initiatives geared towards helping pupils of all ages to think big, dream big and achieve their creative potential in the business world.

7billonideas’ work to date in this field has reached over 400 schools and 75,000 students worldwide, but Harrow Bangkok represents the company’s first foray into Thailand.

Harrow Bangkok Head Master Jon Standen emphasizes the importance of linking our curriculum to the workplace. 

Harrow Bangkok is delighted to be working with David and 7billionideas. His appointment as Director of Entrepreneurship illustrates the importance we place on linking our curriculum to the workplace.  It enables our students to broaden their perspective of the commercial world, and to develop their values, attitudes and skills". 

“It’s an increasingly competitive and somewhat uncertain business landscape right now,” explained Mr Harkin. “Never has it been more important to equip students with the confidence to be innovative and the enterprising skills to progress their ideas in a commercial environment.

“Around the world, most economies are made up of approximately 15% of entrepreneurs, which means that at Harrow Bangkok, around 200 of the pupils within the School are likely to be an entrepreneur in the future. The rest will become intrapreneurs, where they act like an entrepreneur but within business and public sector organisations around the world."