Football Academy

The Harrow Football Academy was set up back in September 2015 to introduce students to year-round football training programmes, similar to those set up at professional football clubs.

Harrow Bangkok Football Academy

The academy’s philosophy ensures that every student will be given the opportunity to play and learn through structured sessions that improves both mental and physical development. It is our purpose to ensure all students have the opportunity to fulfil their full potential, take risks and actively engage with new opportunities and challenges. 

The academy structure is split into four platforms of development with each division creating a clear pathway for students to experience the game and advance through to school representation in both BISA and SEASAC and potentially international football tournaments. The growing reputation of the academy has ensured continued forged links to both professional Thai Premiership clubs and English professional football clubs.

Those who possess a greater talent are given a platform to showcase in front of professional football clubs, with the hope of fulfilling a school childhood dream.


Carefully structured workouts are designed to conceal the objective through entertaining games; from a student’s point of view the main emphasis is having FUN, ‘let the game be the teacher’. With this mindset, we have created an exciting environment that will generate a love and passion for football that will be ingrained well into their adult lives".

The Harrow Bangkok Football Academy pathway identifies and develops those with exceptional talent.

The Pathway is designed to increase the number of non-footballer players within the school. As well as growing the interest, another purpose is to identify the correct level of every footballer, whether they are starting for the first time in football or showing great potential. Each stage of the pathway is specifically designed to ensure appropriate playing opportunities are accessible for all students within Harrow International School Bangkok.

Under careful guidance we understand every player’s voyage is unique and influenced by a number of factors.

All athletes develop at different tariffs and in different ways in all four-corners of the player’s make-up (technical/tactical, physiological, psychological and social).

Our pathway allows students to enter at different stages or their development and ensures playing opportunities are appropriate to the needs of the player for them to develop and enjoy playing football.

the progression of a footballer starting out early from our Cubs Academy, right through to participating for our school teams.

Harrow Bangkok Premier League Logo

The Harrow Bangkok Premier League is made up of three divisions accommodating all abilities within the academy.

Over a ten-week period, one thousand budding football players will battle it out on the hallowed turf of Harrow Bangkok. The ‘HPL’ is placed at the back end of the academy season where local tournaments are difficult to come by, having the league placed between March and June keeps the intensity and interest to its maximum. At the close of a remarkable league, all teams will be invited to an evening gala award ceremony dinner at Harrow Bangkok. Here we will have an opportunity to reflect on the league through giant video screens whilst celebrating everyone’s achievements involved in the league, both on and off the field. To top the celebrations off, awards will be given out to those teams who have been crowned champions along with individual achievements.