Harrow bangkok International 7's 2020

Harrow International football 7s 2020

A very warm welcome to Harrow International School Bangkok. Our Sports Department and Football Academy are thrilled to welcome you to both our international football tournament and our school community here in Bangkok, Thailand.

This year Harrow International School Bangkok’s 7s Football Tournament is set to be the largest ever with a greater number of international teams, age ranges and key sponsors to ensure we create a footballing memory that our young footballers won’t forget.

Our incredibly dedicated football team, expertly led by Darren Jackson, Head of Harrow Bangkok Football Academy, have yet again provided a tournament that maximises student playing opportunities in a supportive, professional environment.

I look forward to seeing some excellent displays of skill, teamwork and leadership throughout the course of the weekend and I encourage all players to play hard but fair and with respect. This is also a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and forge new friendships with fellow participants from across the region.

Good luck to all those competing, and we look forward to an enjoyable weekend of football

Mr Tom Bell
Director of Sport