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Harrow Bangkok Varsity Golf Team

At Harrow Bangkok we give students a rounded Golf education covering all aspects of the game using a challenging, engaging and exciting approach that provides stimulus for curiosity in learning".

At an elite level, we use the pathways through the Academy to train for University level Golf so that they can attain University Golf Scholarships.


ECA Golf

This section is designed to introduce students to golf in a fun and educational way. All students will be able to sign up for 1-3 hours per week where they can access a range of facilities including the Driving Range.


This section is divided into 4 different levels based on each student’s experience and ability. This program runs for a minimum of at least 4 hours per week and offers a Professional personalised learning program using the most technological training facility in Asia. The program includes termly reports and lesson plans for each student and full statistical tracking of their progress.


Students will be invited into either of these teams based on their development, achievement of performance based criteria and theoretical understanding. Students will be able to split their practice between SIM golf and practice on the Golf course, where they will be able to put into practice tactical and strategical understanding. Students will also be invited to a range of school competitions including Bangkok Schools Invitationals, International Schools Golf Tour (ISGT), BISAC, FOBISIA, SEASAC and Faldo series.


Strength and conditioning is a key part of development for all aspiring golfers and at Harrow Bangkok we provide students with age appropriate tailormade fitness programs. Each is designed to help develop and improve strength, mobility and dynamic flexibility. All of which are to help improve the range within the swing plane, build greater acceleration and force of the club head whilst also building a more stable base leading to better control and consistency.


Our Director of the Golf Academy, Paul Higginbotham (British PGA) has developed excellent relationships and links with many US colleges and coaches. He has a detailed understanding of the requirements for both the preparation and application process. He has helped support students successfully go achieve Golf scholarships and with our dedicated University and guidance team is here to support your child every step of the way.


Recently the Harrow Bangkok Golf Academy has successfully supported two students achieve 100% Golf scholarships to Division 1 US colleges with a further two students being offered scholarships but choosing alternative further education routes.

Golf Competitor


Golf winners


Team Harrow Golf


Girls golf team



Two indoor golf centres, each equipped with the highest technologies including:

  • 11 Hi-Tech indoor golf simulators – each simulator uses the GC2 launch
  • monitor, two camera system and Swing Catalyst software
  • 2 Professional indoor golf simulators – these simulators are the same as the
  • Hi-Tech simulators but additionally they are equipped with Swing Catalyst
  • Balance plates and K-Vest 3D motion hardware and software
  • 2 outdoor, covered putting greens
  • 1 indoor putting studio with SAM Putt Lab
  • Use of three local prestigious Golf Courses: Riverdale GC, Bangkok GC & Flora Ville GC


For more information email our Head of Golf, Robert Kench, or