Gymnastics Academy

Diverse, fun, yet challenging, the Harrow Bangkok Gymnastics Academy places an emphasis on strengthening the link from school to club to elite level performance. 

Our Ethos

The Academy aim is to provide diverse, fun, yet challenging Gymnastics sessions for all. We want to develop participant’s confidence, fitness, skill development; learning new skills, improving techniques and performance skills, and also provide opportunities for all to celebrate their success. We strive to provide a friendly and encouraging learning environment that presents pupils with appropriate challenges where they feel safe to take risks in developing their personalities, competitiveness, discipline and motivation to achieve. Our emphasis is to strengthen the link from school to club to elite level performance.

Areas of Gymnast Development

Areas of Gymnast Development


Areas of Gymnast Expectations

Academy Structure


Progression in Gymnastics


Opportunity to develop sound technique and compete against
schools in South East Asia with a structured training programme.
Allow potentials to be reached, students to be challenged and
rewards to be gained.


6.5 - 8.5 HOURS PER WEEK

Those who display the correct physical composition, aptitude, commitment and feel they can cope with the training demands will be invited to join the Performance and Elite squads. The team compete for the school at BISAC, FOBISIA and SEASAC competitions. The team involves considerably more training and an increased level of commitment from both child and parent or guardian.



Gymnasts will be working towards the WAG or MAG programme and may
be invited to compete for the Harrow Team. The training programme aims to improve gymnast’s core skills, strength and flexibility. A consistent level of attendance at training sessions is required in this section if gymnasts wish to develop more advanced skills and start competing for the team.



The Leaping Lions development squad is for selected year one pupils. Our young gymnasts will be introduced to the WAG or MAG programme, following a structured programme to specifically develop gymnasts physical composition, sound technique and confidence on all apparatus.
A consistent level of attendance at training sessions is required in this squad.



A fun introduction to basic gymnastics, building the core fundamental skills using various pieces of equipment. The sessions are aimed to progressively develop strength, balance, coordination and motor skills.


Open to all abilities. In this club, children are free to enjoy the gymnastics activities offered purely for fun and exercise. Various pieces of equipment are explored and a range of basic to advanced
gymnastic skills are taught. A selection may be invited to join the Gymnastics Academy which offers a more structured programme for those hoping to progress to an elite level.


A session that combines building overall fitness with flips, tricks and other stunts. Using obstacle courses, plyometrics and circuit training in a fun competitive environment to enhance strength,
power and overall physique. A new, exciting and rapidly growing activity that also incorporates other popular street activities such as Parkour, Free Running and Urban Gymnastics.


DAY 3PM 4PM 4.30PM 5PM 5.30PM 6PM
MONDAY Tumble Cubs Recreation (Rec)  
  Lions Competitive 2
  Lions Performance
  Lions Elite
TUESDAY Tumble Cubs Recreation (Rec) Alternative Open Session  
  Leaping Lions Development  
  Lions Elite  
WEDNESDAY Lions Pride Recreation (Yr 1 +) Lions Elite
  Lions Competitive 2  
  Lions Performance  
THURSDAY Boys Ninja (Yr2 +)  
  Leaping Lions Development   
  Lions Competitive  
  Lions Elite  
FRIDAY Lions Pride Recreation (Yr 1 +)  
  Lions Competitive  
  Lions Performance  
Gymnast Poppy

Junior Gymnastics

Award Scheme

Progression in Gymnastics

All gymnasts will be working towards a grading system, receiving a
badge and a certificate for each grade they manage to achieve. This
is great for gymnasts to have a clear goal and keep as a record of
their achievements.



Tumble cubs will work towards a badge each season. We aim for each cub to achieve all four badges by the end of the academic year. The award system will gradually improve areas such as coordination, balance, strength and power.


For Lions Pride and Academy Gymnasts

Students participating in the Lions Pride recreational club will work hard throughout the year to achieve advanced skills as part of the Grade System. For our squad gymnasts, this system will also help develop fitness as it now works in line with their seasonal testing whilst also working towards many competition skills. 


Why does Gymnastics have a set weekly timetable?

Gymnasts are required to work on a range of apparatuses. To ensure our Gymnasts equally work on all apparatus each week, the timetable is set.

What if my child is unable to attend the set training days?

We would like all teams to train together, however if your child is unable to attend one of the training sessions, we do offer an alternative session on Tuesdays 4-6pm or a Saturday programme.

Will my child be selected for all competitions?

For competitions we can only select a team of six Gymnasts. All Gymnasts will be given an opportunity to compete throughout the year. Team selections for certain competitions will depend on individual progress / attendance to training.

What level will my child compete at? What are the age categories for each squad?

Each squad consists of a Junior and Senior team which are chosen by age:
DEVELOPMENT/COMPETITION SQUAD 1: LEVEL 1 Junior team  age: 6 years and under Senior team age: 7 years and over
COMPETITION SQUAD 2: LEVEL 2 Junior team age: 7 yrs and under Senior team age: 8 yrs and over
PERFORMANCE SQUAD: LEVEL 3 WAG Junior team age: 8 yrs and under
MAG team: Open Age
WAG Senior team age: 9yrs and over
ELITE SQUAD: LEVEL 4 + Junior team age: 9 yrs and under
MAG team: Open Age
Senior team age: 10 yrs and over
Cartwheel sequence

For more information or additional questions, please contact the Head of Gymnastics, Mr Ben Villalobos: