Campus Term 2 Opening Plans

We are delighted to welcome all students back onto campus.

Our priority at this time is to keep our community safe as we learn to ‘live with Covid’. We have carried out a comprehensive review of our safety measures to make sure all of our community are kept as safe as possible. 

key guidelines

Bubble approach: We will apply class and year group bubbles to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

Hands, Face, Space: We will be emphasising the importance of washing or sanitising hands, wearing masks at all times (except during PE/when eating) and maintaining social distancing in lessons and when moving around the school. 

Track & Trace: We kindly ask for your cooperation with keeping an accurate log of all students’ activity out of school daily, including transport to and from campus and in the evening   This is a legal requirement so either you (for Lower School parents) or your child (in Upper School) will be asked to write this in your child’s Communications Diaries/Reading Records (LS) or dedicated document shared by their tutor every day.

ATK Tests and Health Form: The requirements regarding ATK testing and vaccination that must be adhered to. These are set out in the 'Prior to Arrival on Campus' section below.

Parents/carers will ONLY be allowed through security if they can show their MoPH Vaccination Certificate or similar official certificate from other countries. Any unvaccinated parent who would like to pass security will be asked to show a negative ATK test taken in the preceding 24 hours.

Parents/carers will NOT be allowed in the school buildings at any time, with the exception of those with children in Early Years and Years 1-2. 

99% of staff are fully vaccinated. We have extensive control measures in place to keep any risk to a minimum. Vaccination is not currently a legal requirement so I am sure you will understand that we cannot discuss staff personal medical matters.

Prior to arrival on campus

ATK Testing

Please make sure you complete an ATK test for your child and upload the result(s) between 6am and 6pm on MONDAY and again on THURSDAY. Please upload the results onto our ATK parent portal by CLICKING HERE. If you have more than one child, this applies to all children that will be on campus.

Shortly after you have submitted the form, you will receive an automatic email with a School Pass. Please show this confirmation email to staff when you arrive each day. 

To ensure effective levels of health monitoring and surveillance across our campus all students must: 

  1. Test every Monday and Thursday 
  2. Upload the results of the test to the Parent Portal between 6am-6pm 
  3. If a negative test has been entered into the portal, the student and parent will receive a School pass (tick) with the appropriate dates of permissible entry. This must be shown on entry to the school campus

Please note that students arriving at school without having completed an ATK test will not be provided tests by the school, nor will the students be allowed to enter the campus. Please test your child before they come to school. We will have registers of those with and without School Passes as a back up. Any parents wishing to accompany their child through security must also be ready to show their vaccination certificate or a recent ATK test.

As an additional layer of assurance for our community and to limit the transmission of Covid-19, we have taken the decision to introduce ‘Pooled Saliva PCR’ testing as part of our Covid-19 response measures at the start of next term. Click HERE for a short video on how pooled saliva testing works and its benefits to our school. In the event of a positive Covid-19 case (confirmed with RT-PCR) we will initiate our Pooled Testing system in partnership with Synphaet Hospital, Bangkok, to PCR test a large proportion of the student/staff population.

If you have any problems logging in to the portal to submit your child's ATK test results, please contact our ICT Services technical support (02 503 7222 Ext 1185, 1256).

Before leaving home: parents should check their child's temperature. If this is above 37.5 degrees, or if they are showing other signs and symptoms of illness, your child should not come to school, and parents must inform the relevant administrative office.

Health Form and ATK Test

Once you arrive, the following measures will be in place: 

  • Arrival and departure times will be staggered, with different entrance/exit points for students. Please click here for drop-off and pick up details for Lower School and here for Upper school. Please ensure your child is dropped off and collected promptly within the appropriate time windows.
  • Everyone wishing to enter the campus will be temperature checked upon arrival
  • Nurses will be on hand to check for respiratory disorders
  • There will be social distancing measures in place and shoe-cleansing stations 
  • There will be hand sanitisers strategically positioned at the entrance
  • Everyone entering the campus will be required to wear a mask
  • If you need to meet or speak with the class teacher, this will have to be arranged separately via email and conducted through Zoom

Other facilities

The Kopse Café will be closed to reduce the risk of groups congregating. 

The School Shop will be open,  Mon- Fri 7am - 4pm, with social distancing measures in place:

  • Parents must book their visit online using our portal
  • Customers need to clean hands with alcohol and measure temperature on entry.  Face masks must be worn
  • Extensive social distancing measures are in place between customers and staff: customers may not touch clothing on display (they will be presented by staff as requested); clear social distancing markings are in place; dividers are in place for safety at the checkout counter
  • School retail staff wear full PPE, are fully vaccinated and ATK test regularly 
  • Customers may try on our samples and used samples will be immediately separated for sterilisation.
  • Customers are not permitted to return goods during the pandemic to minimize transmission
  • School shop staff will sanitise touch points after every customer visit
Harrow Bangkok School Shop

You can find out specific Phase and Year Group information by clicking on the buttons below. Having read that information, if you have further questions about the return to school:

  • For Upper School students please contact your child’s tutor directly. 
  • For Lower School please contact our Lower School admin team at
LS Opening Plans
US Opening Plans

We have been busy implementing a range of measures for ensuring a safe and healthy campus and we are ready to welcome students back safely. You can read all about our control measures HERE.

Stay Safe


The school will follow all government regulations and put in place a wide range of safety measures but inevitably we cannot guarantee that there will never be any cases of Covid on campus nor can any reasonable and practical safety measures ever fully eliminate any possibility of infection. Whilst we will always do our best to keep our students, staff and visitors safe, the school is therefore unfortunately unable to accept any liability should any person contract Covid while attending the school.