Health and Safety Catering Arrangements

In order to ensure the very highest standards of health and safety on campus for students and staff, we have the following measures at our dining centres:

  • Supervised staggered meal times for all students to ensure the minimum queuing times possible.
  • Handwashing stations and sanitisers located  on entry to the dining centre
  • Minimising touch points-all cutlery, meals and beverage are now pre-prepared and served by our enlarged catering team and staffed collection point for cutlery and plates.
  • UV sanitising equipment available for additional cleanliness of cutlery
  • Frequent cleaning of seating and dining tables before, between and after service
  • Highest standards of PPE and training-all catering staff wear approved gloves, masks, visors, hair nets aprons and shoes.
  • Maintaining the highest standards of food hygiene and safety-The School is certified by the Ministry of Public Health and is one of the few Schools in SE Asia to hold the international HACCP (Hazard Action Critical Control Point) certification for its excellence in effective control of food safety

You can access all of our menus HERE.


Socially distanced queuing


Cuttlery Sterilization


Servers wear protective equipment


Socially distanced seating arrangements