All Blacks Rugby Masterclass

All Blacks Rugby Masterclass
Rob Kench

Earlier this week we had the honour and privilege of hosting four ex-international All Blacks, Robin Brooke, Steve McDowell, Olo Brown and Charles Richelmann. With over 50 students in attendance these iconic players gave some truly remarkable insight into what it takes to make it to the pinnacle of elite sport. Boasting over 200 appearances and three world cups including one winners medal between them, the All Blacks then put the boys and girls through a masterclass skills session culminating in a mini tournament. Throughout the session the All Blacks gave inspirational advice on fitness, mental toughness, resilience, team work, self-belief and most importantly having fun.

We would like to thank the team members for their generous visit, as well as the students of Beaumont School and Bangkok Patana School for joining us for this special event

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