Serving our Community

Serving our Community
Dew (Head Girl) and Oh (Head Boy)

It is our greatest honour to be given the opportunity to serve fellow students, teachers and parents as this year’s Head Boy and Head Girl. With the successes in academics, sports, music and HBuild last year, this will be Harrow Bangkok’s prime year of exciting new beginnings.

Like the sky, successes are infinite. The experiences we chose to take from Harrow Bangkok have pushed and motivated us into young adults worthy and accredited for our achievements and continues to do so for everyone. Embracing challenges and not to evade is what Harrow Bangkok continues to encourage, shaping us into the young leaders we are today.

Harrow Bangkok’s solid foundation provides every student with the endless support needed in order to fulfil their maximum potential which is apparent throughout academic excellence and commitment to our community. The immeasurable number of opportunities Harrow Bangkok offers unquestionably allows us to fully reflect on our successes, but most importantly, our failures and how to learn and thrive from them. It is the individual aspect supported by the integrated system of this community that makes leadership the core principle of Harrow Bangkok – nurturing us all to become influential leaders who will contribute to a better world.

As student leaders of Harrow Bangkok this year, alongside the prefect team, we would like to take the opportunity to inspire our community from our own experiences as members of this family. Growing in an encouraging environment filled with care (with the best of facilities) showed triumphs where students pushed forward together to achieve their goals. It can be intimidating to be immersed in an institution where others’ success easily overshadows yours.

We strongly believe achieving greatness does not come naturally. It is the passion, drive, commitment, resilience and strong mentality that can make you the best that you can be.

We are looking forward to taking on our new roles as student leaders this academic year and to serve our community to the best of our ability.


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