Ten reasons to join Bradbys House

Ten reasons to join Bradbys House
Gayle van den Berg

Way back in the 1980s, boarding had a huge impact on my life. Unlimited sports, inspiring teachers and friends who became lifelong. I loved it. However, there is far more to boarding than this. Below, I set out why boarding is such a marvellous opportunity for your son to ‘get ahead’ and why there is no better place than Bradbys House.

  1. Bradbeians have bespoke academic tutoring every evening
    Bradbeians have maths, science, English, Japanese, Chinese and Thai tutoring (invariably, it’s their subject teachers). As a result, 92% of Bradbeians improved their Term 1a to 1b report card.
  2. Bradbeians read more 
    9 Bradbeians read to a member of staff each evening. Consequently, our reading age growth grew 10 months during Term 1 (the day school average was 7 months).
  3. Bradbeians sleep more 
    On average a Bradbeian sleeps nearly 9 hours a night. This ensures each Bradbeian is well-rested and ready to learn.
  4. Bradbeians don’t have to travel far
    Bradbeians wake up at 6.40, eat a scrumptious breakfast and then walk into school. In the afternoon, they stroll back, help one another with homework and have use of the sports facilities every evening.
  5. Bradbeians are more independent 
    All Bradbeians are responsible, organised and punctual. They wake themselves up, make sure their school bag is primed and are prompt to meetings, meals and prep. 
  6. Bradbeians have more time to excel in their talents 
    Some of our Bradbeian music scholars are busy practising until the early evening. Having world-class teachers and facilities on your doorstep means they can.
  7. Bradbeians are better prepared for university and beyond
    All Bradbeians leave us knowing how to cook, wash up, and polish their shoes. They will soon start to do their own laundry. There are plenty of boys who arrive at university who cannot. 
  8. Bradbeians have exceptional pastoral care
    Bradbeians are with us 24 hours a day and we can support them immediately when a problem arises. 
  9. Bradbeians are courteous 
    Bradbeians are taught social etiquette, table manners and enjoy serving others.
  10. Finally, Bradbeians love it!
    What child doesn’t enjoy a sleepover with their friends? Ask any Bradbeian what he enjoys about boarding and he would answer ‘staying with my friends’. 

Mr Valdes-Scott 
House Master Bradbys

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