Uni Offers Roll In

Uni Offers Roll In
Catherine Farley

Year 13 is a MASSIVE year for our students - the culmination of their entire school career. Having set the hectic application process in motion last term, collating predicted grades, writing essays and personal statements, our Year 13 students settled down to wait. With offers now in from Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, SOAS, University of London, Durham, Goldsmiths, Imperial College London, Kings College – a very popular choice, London School of Economics, Queen Mary’s, Bath, and Bristol, the pressure has eased and students are getting excited, joining university forums, looking at halls of residence and imagining a new chapter of their lives beyond school. Additionally, having a clear goal to work towards has also helped to give an even greater focus to their A Level studies.

Universities still have to the end of March to issue offers.

Undeniably, offers from Oxford or Cambridge tend to make headlines, and two of our students have just received the happy news of offers from these great institutions. However, our highly skilled and experienced University Councilors focus on ensuring the right fit for each individual student in order for them to thrive and achieve their potential.

Amanda Poel Head of Careers and University Guidance:

“The process begins with LOTS of conversations so that students and their parents understand what is available, how the system works and how to maximize your chance of finding the right place.

For example, understanding how grade profiles impact one’s chances. University admissions officers will do a first cull based purely on academics – this is completely objective, the individual’s personality and extracurricular portfolio are not taken into consideration at all. Therefore, if a student who has an incredible extracurricular portfolio, one that really tells a story beyond pure academics, applies to a top flight university in the U.K. with a B rather than an A grade average, they may find themselves in a situation where they can’t even jump the first hurdle and as a result their story will not be heard.”

“It is important to remember that research has shown unequivocally that being in the top 10% of students, no matter which university you attend, is the strongest indicator of future success.

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