What a Star!

What a Star!
Richard Green

Serene, Year 12, is the proud holder of 12 A*s in her IGCSEs. She reflected on how 'surprised and very pleased’ she was when she heard her results. 'I thought I’d get lots of As and maybe a few Bs’. But she didn’t; it was a clean sweep of A*s – fantastic! Serene puts her success down to paying attention in class and asking questions when she didn’t understand, and not getting too stressed. She also thanked her teachers for their support, sometimes even after school and at lunchtimes.

Getting an A* at A Level or IGCSE is far from easy. Harrow Bangkok Director of Studies, David Foster, explains that only the very best students across the world get awarded this highest possible grade. Those that get an A* are likely to be particularly talented in the subject but equally important is the student’s hard work, their determination, passion and a mindset focused on success. That’s how students at Harrow Bangkok have gained such impressive A* grades, alongside teachers who are especially supportive, who care about their students, who know them well and have earned their trust.

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Out of 126 submissions from 21 countries, Rena from Year 13 won the First Prize (High School Category) in the Exploring Youth Identities Competition, which was organised by The Union International, Thailand’s first interscholastic student-run newspaper.