A letter from Sir David Attenborough

In the final term of Reception last year, Class RL's topic was 'Commotion in the Ocean.' As part of our topic, we were learning all about the exciting animals that live in the sea and, most importantly, how can we protect them.

As we know, plastic has been building up in our oceans for years. Recently, this was highlighted on an amazing documentary called 'Blue Planet,' led by Sir David Attenborough. As part of our topic, we learnt all about Sir David and how he has started a huge movement in cleaning up beaches, the sea and generally making the world more aware of single-use plastic. The children were really interested in this topic and it started a lot of discussion on how we could help make our oceans a better place. We decided to reach out to Sir David by writing him letters and making posters. We took great care over our work, ensuring it was our very best and, when we had finished, we were extremely excited when posting them off to Richmond, England.

Over the Summer, we received an amazing response from him and a hand signed letter. I am so proud of RL class for their letters and I now we know that Sir David Attenborough was too! What a wonderful end to a fantastic year!

Mrs Emily Lawton, Reception Class Teacher


Students write a letter to Sir David Attenborough