Benefit Bash 2019


It was a privilege to host such an amazing array of bands from every age group at The Benefit Bash 2019, including a treat of a performance by special guest band, The TOYS!  

This year’s rock out was a knock out raising 100,000 baht for music equipment for a local Thai School!

The concert was attended by over 1200 people who rocked their way through the night to the musical talents of our very own Harrow Bangkok student bands.

A huge thank you goes out to all that helped to make this happen; from the musicians, stage hands and Harrow's own staff, to the technicians, vendors and sponsors.

The standard of the bands performing was truly remarkable, they  really raised the bar in terms of setting new standards for future Benefit Bash rock concerts. Hopefully this year's bands have inspired enough out there to take their places in the spotlight for next year! 

A selection of photos can be found on our facebook page HERE.